Vuvuzela make women feel safer in Soweto

The sound of the vuvuzela has taken on a new purpose as a security instrument in Soweto.

A group of men have decided to walk women in South Africa’s largest township from their homes to the closest bus stations. Some of the men start their first shift at 2am to transport the first wave of women safely. To announce their arrival they are using Vuvuzelas.

All of the men are unemployed and joined the movement to make Soweto a better place for women.  Once the morning shift has ended, the men wait and escort the women back when arriving home from work.

The Angel Network decided to raise some money to gift the guys a little something as thanks for going above and beyond during December. The Angel Network will manage the funds on behalf of the men. Please support their Back A Buddy Fundraising Campaign.

We are excited that a group of those incredible men will join us at our Women For Change Run in Sandton City, 30th November 2019 to support our ladies on route.