Women For Change as a civil society is advocating for the protection of the constitutional rights of women and children in South Africa.

In 2020 President Ramaphosa signed the National Strategic Plan (NSP) on Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Femicide, but there has been no progress.
This petition is addressing the State to prioritise GBV and finally implement the changes.

Government’s bureaucracy and their lack of accountability, transparency, and responsiveness to the scourge of Gender Based Violence and Femicide is one of the key reasons why more women will be killed in this country. We urge the State that the Constitution places an obligation on them to respect, protect, promote, and fulfil the rights in the Bill of Rights and we expect the State to act decisively and with intent to eradicate GBV.

Gender Based Violence and Femicide in South Africa has reached crisis proportions pre and during COVID 19 at an alarming rate. Women are being brutalised and their constitutional rights violated with impunity. Every day stories are published about missing children and slaughtered women, from the rural to urban communities. Due to lack of action, this scourge will continue to destroy our society.

  • Femicide is 5x the global average rate.
  • One woman is murdered every 3 hours. 2695 women were murdered in 2019/2020.
  • An average of 146 sexual offences are reported per day. 53 293 sexual offences were reported in 2019/2020.
  • It is estimated that more than 95% of sexual offences go unreported.
  • 4th Highest death rate from interpersonal violence of 183 countries. The highest outside a war zone.

The Constitution of South Africa guarantees various protections against GBV in South Africa. These include: the right to equality (section 9), which includes equality before the law, and equal protection and benefit before the law for everyone, and the prohibition of unfair discrimination by the State and individuals on several grounds, including gender. Section 10 of the Constitution guarantees the right to human dignity, while the right to life is guaranteed in section 11. Importantly, section 12 of the Constitution guarantees the right to freedom and security of the person, which includes the right of everyone to be free from all forms of violence.

South Africa has several laws and policies that aim to address GBV. But the responsibility is placed on State organs and the South African Police Service (SAPS) to ensure that survivors of domestic violence are adequately protected. Despite progressive developments, incidences of GBV in South Africa remain extremely high due to the failures in the criminal justice system. To protect the dignity and freedom of women and children, government departments can no longer fail to prioritise GBV policies and programmes to eradicate Gender Based Violence.

We are demanding an immediate intervention, to bring about the change to women and children they have been pleading for.

This petition is in partnership with Women Lead Movement.

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2,071 signatures

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2,071 Samantha C. I am a women of South Africa
2,070 Emma S.
2,069 Lebogang R. I am an aspiring female activist in South Africa and feminist
2,068 Ntebetse M. I have a whole lineage of women who fell victim to gender based violence
2,067 Natasha E. I am a woman, and I’m tired of being afraid.
2,066 Sue-Anne D. We need to stop killing and abuse of women and children
2,065 Rose B. The violence should end
2,064 Daniella S.
2,063 Leolla A. The amount of mental anguish it is being a woman in South Africa is suffocating, and I'm tired of feeling triggered, trapped and unsafe...I want to live in a country where victims are believed, safe spaces are created within law enforcement where women aren't gaslighted, re-traumatized and feel safe and where a government passes tougher legislation that actually protect women and children
2,062 Kanyisa N. I am signing this because I want to see the end of GBV
2,061 Namhla N. I'm a woman who believe in equality and should be treated like "Queens" we are
2,060 Vadette R. I’m horrified at the way women and children aren’t protected in this country and the horrific numbers of violent crime committed again women snd children with little or no repercussions for the perpetrators, it need to be a priority #now for #SA
2,059 Nombali M.
2,058 Maisy E. The safety of women is top priority. it is not being made a priority. hopefully my name and the thousands of other names on this petition will help motivate the signing of these laws to help women.
2,057 Elsje H. I'm tired of seeing women as victims. We want to be strong and free.
2,056 Wilma A. I want change
2,055 Emelda T. I stand with women
2,054 Courtney Jade O. I am signing because I have had it with countless innocent beings being battered and bruised every single day. Signing this petition in the hopes that I can say I truly stand against GBV
2,053 Amanda B. I'm tired of reading about GBV cases and want it to end.
2,052 Kgothatso M.
2,051 Warona S. I am tired of having to wake up in fear. I’m continuously looking over my shoulders. I don’t trust anyone. I get catcalled and harassed almost every time I go out. IM TIRED. I’m only 16.
2,050 Lauren T.
2,049 Sonia S. A close friend recently passed away due to Gender Violence
2,048 Natasha L. Enough is enough
2,047 Poppy M. Enough is enough
2,046 Esona D. I am against GBV
2,045 Sakshi M.
2,044 Lamla N.
2,043 Lerato L. Enough is Enough
2,042 Dineo M. to end GBV
2,041 Veronica W. I am signing because the issue of GBV is another pandemic we're facing. It is of grave concern and requires urgent intervention from all sectors of society.
2,040 G W. GBV is wrong and disgusting
2,039 Melissa H.
2,038 Ava M. I am scared in my own country there's no place we can go and be safe. The president said a statement that I will never forget when addressing the nation on GBV last year he said" It is sad that the rapists and murders walk in our communities" that dawned on me that we need a better law system that protects us from the perpetrators. We need a system that actually puts the rights of women 1st.
2,037 Janine B.
2,036 Meriska P. To stop Gbv of women
2,035 Belinda M. I want a better tomorrow for my kids
2,034 Leezyl F. Too many innocent women get killed and children left without their mothers... it's so cruel. Too sad!!!!
2,033 Cheryl G.
2,032 Tavia F. I'm a woman and human being. I'm scared for all my South African and global sisters.
2,031 Lilian M.
2,030 Lee-Anne G. I run my own GBV NPO with a petition similar to this and we need as many of them and as many voices for the government to take GBVF seriously and to find the political will to truly deal with it.
2,029 Justine D.
2,028 Zeldah M. I am a woman
2,027 Boitshoko M. I am tired 🙁
2,026 Annelene M. I'm against GBV
2,025 Candice F. I am a woman
2,024 kaynisha m. it's needs to stop period!!
2,023 Sabrina M. I don’t feel safe in my own country that I call home as a woman.
2,022 Jessica H. Gender based violence needs to stop, we as women are feeling unsafe, as we are being targeted almost everyday of our lives.
2,021 Batool L. Women deserve to feel safe
2,020 Glenda P. I stand united with others who hav lost their lives thru violence
2,019 Deb R. woman need need support & protection from violent relations.
2,018 Charlene D. I have a daughter and this is heartbreaking
2,017 hannah t. I AM AGAINST GBV and i want to feel safe!
2,016 Lee-Ann M. Enough is enough
2,015 Kamila O. I am signing because I am a woman and I am a mother of 2 daughters and would like to help a safer SA for everyone especially woman and children here in SA.
2,014 Devania P. We need change
2,013 Suzette V. Violence against women & children in our country is unacceptable!
2,012 Lucy O. I stand with the woman of South Africa
2,011 Keelan W. I believe that violence against woman needs to be stopped.
2,010 Samanta M. I want to help other women across the world
2,009 Leoronia K. GBV needs to STOP I desperately need a safe environment where I can raise my children, please
2,008 Mikara S. Women deserve to feel safe in their own country.
2,007 Mikara S. Being a women in South Africa, I live in constant fear.
2,006 Reshma C. We can no longer live like this
2,005 Akhona K. These dogs deserve to rot in jail for destroying the future of the nation
2,004 Robynne S. I am tired of senseless murders
2,003 Vuyiswa F. The state is not above reproach and must be held accountable. Women fear for their lives DAILY and there is no progress being made!
2,002 Jacqueline B. Women and children deserve better than this. I'm signed because I want to help. Enough is enough!
2,001 Ritsa P. I want to protect my rights as a woman and to bring awareness to the problems women face around the world.
2,000 Jacky L. because i need the law to protect myself and my family from GBC which is an ongoing sickness in our communities
1,999 Alungile G. I am signing because I want for there to be something done about GBV in South Africa
1,998 Valentina B. I am tired of being on alert 24/7
1,997 Caitlin S.
1,996 Kristin E. I believe more should be done to protect the women and children of this country.
1,995 Makhosazana M. I want our Government to do more
1,994 Randall P. Im against GBV
1,993 Mongezi M. I'm very much against GBV.
1,992 Jacklyn P. I am signing because i could be next and i'm also a mother of a daughter.
1,991 Zethu M. I am signing because I am a woman living in South Africa and hear about femicide and sexual assault, abuse everyday. I strongly oppose this kind of criminality
1,990 Laurisha M. My sister is being abused by her husband
1,989 Megan R. I agree with statement
1,988 Lezaan H. Enough is enough.
1,987 Leaschen B. I’m a victim
1,986 Linda W. I embrace respect and dignity towards all women
1,985 Somilangaye N.
1,984 Brendah K. I'm signing to end GBV
1,983 Vanessa B. We need to be heard. We need to feel safe.
1,982 Buyi L. Women and children aren't taken seriously so is everything dedicating to them
1,981 Hendricks D. We need to be able to live freely
1,980 Navisha Harriparsadh S. Women should not fear the world
1,979 Shilpi K. GBV isnt't a women's issue, it's a himan rights issue and we demand change.
1,978 Uyema N. I am signing this petition because I want the government to not just acknowledge femicide but also take it seriously and provide ways in which it can be ended.
1,977 Fev r.
1,976 Abigail S. It’s change we need
1,975 Esme W.
1,974 rafaella g. rafaella4567email@gmail.com
1,973 Lufuno R.
1,972 Rachel C. ashlyrachel52@gmail.com
1,971 Thabiso S.
1,970 Danielle j. Women and children and quer people need to be protected. Nobody should be in fear for their lives on the daily.
1,969 Nadia B. This needs to stop now.
1,968 Chinique J. Although I have not been a victim to physical abuse, I have witnessed the testimony of so many women affected by the crisis.
1,967 Vicky R. Because no woman should have to live in fear
1,966 Claire N. I want to helo
1,965 Sharon O. Women in children should not have to live in fear in the hands of men.
1,964 Ryan T. Because human rights should never be questioned
1,963 Avery S. Gender based violence runs rampant in South Africa, and the government needs to address the issue.
1,962 stuti d.
1,961 Maggie M.
1,960 Karen R.
1,959 Melissa E. I am a decent human being
1,958 cally h.
1,957 Teyah D. I’m signing this because I want to stick up for what is right
1,956 Emma C. Women deserve to be treated as equal as everyone because at the end of the day we (as a woman) are part of the future society where, I hope, gender equality is a priority for every single person in this world.
1,955 Max D.
1,954 Meiyin S.
1,953 Siphumelele C. I am a woman living in South Africa
1,952 franco c.
1,951 franco c.
1,950 franco c.
1,949 franco c.
1,948 Zahndre P. To protect the dignity and freedom of woman and children
1,947 Lev N. Violence is wrong.
1,946 Kallan B. Women need to protect women, snd support and uplift them
1,945 Karolina T. I am a victim and enough is enough.
1,944 Rosa L.
1,943 Nicolay B. I am a South African living abroad and I am always afraid for my country
1,942 Emerson B. Police laughed in my face when I made a report of my sexual assaults. I deserve respect
1,941 Alia D. This is wrong something needs to be done to stop this.
1,940 Emily M.
1,939 Bader A. Supporting good change
1,938 Lushanta P. I stand against GBV
1,937 Ivory C. I am signing because it is 2021 and the fact that women are still treated as lesser than is appalling
1,936 Taejah P.
1,935 Cameron F. Women and children should not have to fear for their own safety and lives
1,934 Thanai . This is important
1,933 julia c. !!!!!!
1,932 Emilyn A. Because I want to do whatever I can to help.
1,931 Iris V. I think it’s importantl
1,930 niah g. I want to help these woman in need!
1,929 Gabby B. The women in south Africa need help and gender based violence needs to come too an end
1,928 A N. The issue of femicide has been ignored for too long.
1,927 Vee L. Women deserve better
1,926 Mia A. I want to help
1,925 cici l.
1,924 kimberley y.
1,923 ronna k.
1,922 Khadija H.
1,921 Bella S.
1,920 Kaltaint T. because I want to help
1,919 Caroline P.
1,918 Susan P. it is our job as people with a voice to help these South African women have one too
1,917 liz g. protect the wemon and children
1,916 Aileen G. I want to help, I don’t want South Africa to suffer.
1,915 Madaline G.
1,914 Noe P.
1,913 Maëlys F.
1,912 Ingrid B. I want to help and fight for the right thing
1,911 Nora V. I want to help as much as i can
1,910 e m. i want to help and i care about what is happening
1,909 izzy b. it needs to end i don’t what south africa to suffer
1,908 Elizabeth R.
1,907 madison h. i’m signing because i have the privilege too
1,906 Jonna K.
1,905 Ray K. I‘m for Human Rights
1,904 elodie d. because i support the cause
1,903 Daisy M. This needs to change
1,902 Marie J.
1,901 Ollie S. To help
1,900 Nyxoy b.
1,899 Daija T. Their lives matter
1,898 Emma J.
1,897 ollie d.
1,896 Verónica Y.
1,895 jocelyn h. i believe in the cause
1,894 Edma A. I am signing for change for equality
1,893 Christoffer F.
1,892 Aliyah F.
1,891 Emilie B.
1,890 Sofia U. ulfvinsofia@gmail.com
1,889 Grace R.
1,888 Inèz F.
1,887 Vienna L.
1,886 Esperance K. Women.
1,885 Noah D.
1,884 Amy C. Demanding justice for all women
1,883 Aluel G.
1,881 mollie m.
1,880 Katherine M.
1,879 Kelly H. I care about other people
1,878 Nikoleta G. I believe in womans rights everywere in the world
1,877 Asne F.
1,876 Isidora A. .
1,875 Sarah M.
1,874 Nicholas S. Everyone has the right to feel safe and free.
1,873 Sylvia S. They deserve better
1,872 Khloe C.
1,871 Jada G. IT’S WRONG!
1,870 tegan k. i would like to help anyone in need
1,869 Dasmyn M. we need change
1,867 Maria C.
1,866 holly f.
1,865 Daniela S.
1,864 Adetokunbo A. I want to help somehow
1,863 Emma M. I want to
1,862 Liliana V.
1,861 kylie e.
1,860 Milk P. I want to help
1,859 shyla r. I am signing because innocent people are getting hurt and are being killed.
1,858 Chloe P. women deserve equal rights everywhere!
1,857 Avani S.
1,856 Mary Joyce B. women have been mistreated for years, especially black women. they deserve more than this
1,855 Areana H. The State needs to prioritize GBV and finally implement change.
1,854 Sarah C.
1,853 Laura M. This is important. Women deserve to feel safe.
1,852 Aliyah L. It only right
1,851 Ylva W.
1,850 Natasha Z.
1,848 Lily S.
1,847 Julia W.
1,846 Elliana H. The women of South Africa need justice
1,845 Wai A. I'm signing because no one should have to go through this.
1,844 kassy m.
1,843 Kris E.
1,842 Isabella P. I care about South African women
1,841 Marie M.
1,840 Oliwia K. This is important
1,839 Rethabile L. Because I want to see change i want to see numbers going down i want men own up and support and protect us instead of killing us #Aminext
1,838 Rubi R.
1,837 Denene M.
1,836 Jodie M. This is a real issues and needs to be addressed. i don’t want the women of my country of heritage to suffer like this anymore.
1,835 Taylor D.
1,834 Riya I.
1,833 Arson R. I think it’s important
1,832 Luna L. Woman deserve equal rights
1,831 Tilly C. This behaviour cannot go on. My heart breaks for all victims out there.
1,830 Alexander B. This is an incredibly important cause. The patriarchy needs to be crushes, along with the inequality and violence it causes.
1,829 Nazley E. I want justice for her
1,828 Christie M. This has to stop
1,827 Norma V. Dare to Rise Up against Gender-Bases Violence
1,826 Mary S. Males must STOP murdering women and children.
1,825 Danielle L. This is important
1,824 Samone W.
1,823 Carina V. If we do not take a stand, no one will. We are strong, we can make a difference. Each in her own special way.
1,822 Bridgette B. We're loosing our loved ones and all we can do is stand up for them seeing that no justice is served
1,821 Magreth N. Women life matters
1,820 Becky O.
1,819 Charles I.
1,818 Sophia C.
1,817 Laura C. I used to live here. This is my home, My family still lives here and it scares me to know that the country is falling apart, so many people are getting murdered and raped on a day to day. and Not one government official cares.
1,816 Kezlynn B. For a safer place for womxn , children & queer bodies to live
1,815 Zakiyya K. I am a survivor of GBV.
1,814 Simone W.
1,813 Kira M.
1,812 Raquel R. I am sick and tired of our women and children being brutally raped and murdered by monsters
1,811 Amy U. To help community
1,810 Eve S. Because women must be allowed to exist without fear
1,809 Amilla F.
1,808 Nonhlanhla Portia M. I want this gender based violence in women and Children to end. It so sad that women are killed as flies and seemingly no one cares about this. Everyday a woma is killed. It is so painful. And the manner in which they kill them its heartbreaking.
1,807 Owen K. Violence against women is wrong
1,806 Carla G. Im against GBV and I am a GBV victim
1,805 Asiphe G. I want Gender Based Violence to end.
1,804 Koketso M. We do not have enough protection as women, more needs to be done for women and children. For as long as men feel they have the right to whistle at a wlman they don't even know, we still have a huge war to fight.
1,803 Michelle v. I’m a South African women living in Europe and seeing what’s happening in my country brings me to tears. I want this war on my sisters and the children to stop - NOW.
1,802 Destiny M. Gender based crimes should stop
1,801 Martin D. I remember and honour Nokuthula Bolitye and so should South Africa.
1,800 Amanda N. i am a victim of gender based violence and i know how it feels...its scary. This should not continue.
1,799 caitlin h. i support the cause
1,798 Jada L. Enough is enough
1,797 Giselle M. I signed this petition because I am against real suppression of women.
1,796 Hlabirwa M. I am against the killing and abuse of woman and children I say no to GBV and I say death penalty must be brought back for the murderers
1,795 Gwen Z.
1,794 Shannon L.
1,793 Kate M. I am a woman and I deserve to feel safe
1,792 Carmel B. To protect my children to give them a voice
1,791 Olivia K.
1,790 Lesego B.
1,789 Caitie H.
1,788 Petro S.
1,787 Dani V.
1,786 Nadene T. I care
1,785 Zanele N.
1,784 Divya S.
1,783 Doga T.
1,782 Tarren D.
1,781 Sami P. Abuse and sexual assault towards women has become normalized. Nearly every woman that I know has a story and that is absolutely repulsive.
1,780 Maya M. I want to help
1,779 Elisha B.
1,778 Julia R.
1,777 Alyssa H.
1,776 Trezinha D. Violence against women has increased in intensity and has become so barbaric. Women need to be protected.
1,775 Elanie B. I am a domestic violence survivor
1,774 Marva E. I care about the lives of innocent women and children
1,773 Krystelle E. women need more protection in south africa
1,772 Simone S. I must live my life constantly in fear.
1,771 Alison L.
1,770 Lauryn H. It is the right thing to do.
1,769 Lola H. I am a woman and the thought of violence against women and femicide makes me very upset and I would like to do everything in my power to change that.
1,768 Helena H. GBV is the 2nd pandemic in South Africa! Urgent action is needed to keep women safe!
1,767 Rachel T.
1,766 Justin A. Women deserve equality
1,765 Natalie B.
1,764 Andreea Z. It's important
1,763 Clarisa A. Everyone must be treated equal under the law.
1,762 Kirsty-Ann R.
1,761 Siobhan C.
1,760 Julia R.
1,759 Tamlyn M. I am signing for change.... I have to believe that change is possible
1,758 Justine M. I believe the system needs to change
1,757 Cassandra C.
1,756 Johana T.
1,755 Vaila M.
1,754 kai a. i want change
1,753 Molly L. To support women for change
1,752 Shelsey P.
1,751 Holly A. This is really important and cannot go unnoticed
1,750 Katerine A. I want to
1,749 Cameron F. Women's rights are human rights
1,748 CATHERINE S. I am signing becuase we, as WOMAN, need some URGENT ACTION, to feel SAFE in our beloved country!!
1,747 Sam H.
1,746 Molly W. No one should ever be denied their humanity. No one should be denied decency.
1,745 Samira U. This is so wrong
1,744 Karolina W. Women and children are obligated to have human rights.
1,743 Serena M.
1,742 kay e.
1,741 Sahara S.
1,740 Mary K.
1,739 Ruby B. Womxn deserve ownership over their own bodies!
1,738 Sophia K. Violence is disgusting, especially when it is ignored by an entire country. Women should not have to wait for their safety and rights to be acknowledged. We need to all act now, no matter our gender. In unison.
1,737 Danika I. Women and children deserve better
1,736 Allo M.
1,735 Alena L. Women's rights are human rights and they matter
1,734 Banu T. The world needs to be a place of equity/equality
1,733 Mia F.
1,732 Xander H.
1,731 Lauren C. Women are amazing everywhere
1,730 Paige R.
1,729 Maya R.
1,728 Tawnie M. Women & girls deserve to live their lives without fear of gender based violence
1,727 Charlotte C.
1,726 Nicole P. Every woman and child deserves to be protected and given the same human rights as others. It horrifies me that so many women endure so much violence. The least I could do was sign this petition.
1,725 Tim D.
1,724 Jenny H. I believe in holding governments responsible when they cause destruction onto their civilians.
1,723 Sasha O. GBV needs to be taken seriously
1,722 Al L. I support women’s human rights
1,721 Ashlee D. It was recommended by a creator to sign
1,720 Sarah E.
1,719 Apollyne S. I want to support fellow women and those of all marginalized groups in order to bring down the whitw supremacy, the overarching problem at the helm of all discrimination.
1,718 Charles Q. I support women's rights
1,717 Corinne M.
1,716 Nazreen S. Because I am against GBV
1,715 Mpho P. I want a safer future.
1,714 Amber V. My Heart Hurts For Every Female Life Lost
1,713 Anastasia J.
1,712 Yanda S. I am a female and I am affected as well
1,711 balindile m. i am signing because i am tired of these injustices that are happening to women. i hate how we are be slaughtered!
1,710 Phindile N. I have been a victim I want better for my daughter and females in this country.
1,709 Seilatsatsi Q. I don’t feel safe in my own country as a female
1,708 Catherine B.
1,707 Shantay S.
1,706 Kendal O. GBV HAS TO STOP!
1,705 Wilma G. Violence against women needs to end
1,704 Courtney D. I want justice Enough is Enough Iam tired of living in fear
1,703 Sophia B. My heart breaks every time I read a new published report. The government should finally fulfill its duties and prioritize the protection of women and children!!!!!!!
1,702 Courtney L. It's time someone is held accountable
1,701 Laverne B.
1,700 Nathali M.
1,699 Juanita K. No one should suffer any kind of violence.
1,698 Bev L.
1,697 Ruweida D. GBV is a crime and it must stop!
1,696 Amaarah G. GBV has to end
1,695 Fidelia M. It pains me to see how women and kids are being hurt
1,694 Azaria M.
1,693 Courteney S. I am a woman
1,692 Snethemba M. I want to put a stop to GBV.
1,691 Nontokozo M. I am female.
1,690 Nokuphila B. I am female.
1,689 Tershia S. I've been a victim of woman abuse numerous times.
1,688 Molly B.
1,687 Celest V.
1,686 Joey C. My tomorrow is not guaranteed.
1,685 Hayden F.
1,684 Temicka T. I am signing because GBV has been a problem for way too long. I want younger girls to feel safe in this world. We need to do better
1,683 Karyssa D. I want to help this organization to bring about change
1,682 Isabela S. I am signing because it matters and it should matter to everyone
1,681 Kuhle O.
1,680 Willenay J. I am fed up for our women and children are being raped and killed every day. I hope me taking part in this petition, will contribute to change in our country.
1,679 Andrea T. The protection of children and women is important but not enough action is taking place
1,678 Paulo T. Just about every woman I know, has been a victim of GBV. In no way is this okay, nor should it be accepted as the norm. End GBV!
1,677 Portia V. I'm against gbv and I'm also a survivor of gbv
1,676 Chloe M.
1,675 Erin O. I am female
1,674 Josie A. In solidarity
1,673 Kayla S. Because of GBV women are living in fear of maybe being the next victim!!!
1,672 esmarelda a. as a gbv survivor myself, I raise my voice and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
1,671 Metlha M. As a new generation it's time we stand to the heavily oppressive patriarchal society that always finds reason to abuse women ,in a male but I understand the importance of equality in our society otherwise we as a world will never know wat peace is it may not happen today or in this generation but it means alot to contribute to it with the hope that we accomplish the goal even6
1,670 Rose J. I'm afainst GBV
1,669 Natalie D. No woman deserves to be violated and victimised.
1,668 Carmen G. GBV is out of control
1,667 Lungile K. I'm a woman a mother and I want justice for all the victims.
1,666 Mitchelle M. I want to see change, I want justice for GBV victims.
1,665 Shivani S. We need change!
1,664 Silvana B.
1,663 Cyanne T. I believe that we should be the change we wanna see and the smallest way is to support surveys like these
1,662 Maya P. Women and children deserve to feel safe and protected by law.
1,661 Marie A. This is an unacknowledged war on women
1,660 Elena R. I want justice for women
1,659 Nashnique D. I want change and I want woman in charge and making change
1,658 andrew K.
1,657 York V. I as a woman in South Africa , stand together with all woman to end this and bring change , this will no longer be a mans world !
1,656 Siyamthanda M. I would like to help however I can to fight against women abuse.
1,655 Kelly T. I don't want to be next. I want to be able to live freely in south africa as promised. I just need the anxiety to stop
1,654 Cameran K.
1,653 cecilia G.
1,652 Veruschka D. I demand change
1,651 Chris Z. No one should have to fear for their life for simply existing
1,650 Angelique D. Women should be protected and this procedure should not be forced on them ever
1,649 Gail A.
1,648 Karabo M.
1,647 Terri-Ann B. I am singing because I am a woman.
1,646 Tlale M. I am a women and mother. I believe and support this movement for change
1,645 Lenay M. I am siging because i am against genderbase voilence. We are in this together, its our fight!
1,644 Amelia S.
1,643 Geneve T. I am a Woman and we need to stand up to this pandemic we facing GBV is currently the biggest pandemic we facing
1,642 Nadia J. I am a woman
1,641 Anda B. gbv needs to stop. i want to stop living in fear. i don't even feel safe sleeping at night knowing that the men in this country are killing us. im sick of always wondering if im next, this needs to stop.
1,640 Mikaela D.
1,639 Melleney M. I am tired of women being raped&killed.
1,638 Roche B. We as women cant, go or do anything without fearing for our lives and for our children's lives, im so afraid for my children's future coz i dont know whats gonna happend i can keep them indoors now bt as they grow up i wont be able to do it anymore. I even afraid of taking a uber alone coz they also murder and rape us.
1,637 Neo M. I am signing because I want to play my part in putting an end to GBV. Our mothers, sisters and friends need to be protected and should be safe to walk around without looking over their shoulders and suspecting every person that they might harm them.
1,636 Stuart L. Our woman are our sisters/ daughters/ mother’s
1,635 Candy L. I was in an abused relationship
1,634 Chesnay C. I want a safe world for all females to feel comfortable and loved
1,633 Lesley P. GBV needs to come to end so the next generation of girls/women can feel safe and be safe in their own home in their neighborhood and anywhere they may go
1,632 Amy F. the government needs to take GBV more seriously
1,631 Delné W. The violence against women has to stop
1,630 Courtney F. Stop killing our children and women
1,629 Sharon M. As a woman living in South Africa,I'm hugely affected by GBV and there's nothing as painful as seeing women's lives being reduced to nothing and I strive for a GBV free South Africa.
1,628 Nadine C. I was also abused and threatened and almost killed. I know we need change in this country.
1,627 Monica S. Women of South Africa should not have to live in a constant state of fear
1,626 Ilhaam M. GBV takes away the basic human right to be safe in his/her own space. May we continue to fight for the rights of the vulnerable.
1,625 Bonisile M. I am signing because I care..i am a woman. I am scared for myself and for my two daughters.
1,624 Christin I. I've too been a victim of Gbv
1,623 Clare C.
1,622 Zenobia W. Enough is Enough we are human beings to! This needs to stop.
1,620 Roxanne M. we deserve to be protected from these criminals
1,619 Judith A.
1,618 Geneve P. It is so heartbreaking to say all the women and kids dying. The next person can be my mom,sisters,cousins even my own children.
1,617 Michaela V. Enough is enough of these cowards
1,616 Zoe H. End GBV before it ends us!
1,615 Philippa L. I am woman and a mother of girls. And enough is enough.
1,614 Tshepo K. Am against GBV
1,613 Tamaryn F. Change is needed.
1,612 Puneza M. Killing of women needs to stop
1,611 Zelrise C. We need to protect our sisters, enough is enough
1,610 Amina D. Enough is enough!!
1,609 Keisha R. I am a woman, it could happen to me
1,608 Sue -Lindie S. I believe that women deserves respect.
1,607 Mercedes R. women need to be free
1,606 Yolanda S. It’s time!
1,605 Siyethaba N. I am a woman and I have a daughter. I watched my mother suffer domestic violence for 10 years and I'd love to see a change.
1,604 Fahiema A. I am signing because i too am i women!This is a real thing that is happening out that, I pray that the almighty protect us all from this horrible thing.
1,603 Kelebogile T.
1,602 Palesa S. I am tired of these killings we as women are not safe anymore enough is enough
1,601 Katie F.
1,600 Tamryn J.
1,599 Jonathan Q. I stand by the women of our country and the world.
1,598 Jennifer C.
1,597 Shamila I. I fully support the need for urgent intervention!
1,596 Bianca B. Am I next?
1,595 Brian M. We need the woman in our country to feel safe. The government needs to put systems in place to normalize men seeking help and communicating their truama, depression and anxiety which usually is the cause of violence against woman. Creating activations, marketing campaigns, workshops to educate men in communities across the country is the start. Be the change you want to see in the world.
1,594 Justin M. It’s the right thing to do.
1,593 Carren W. I am against GBV
1,592 Ray S.
1,591 Petru V. RSAs statistics of Women and Child Abuse is the highest in the world!
1,590 Boitumelo M. I am a victim of rape no justice was served but what i fear most is a chance of the same fate repeating itself
1,589 Siphesihle N. I’m a police officer and my heart breaks every single day. Having to work with these woman is not easy
1,588 Rudzani M. I am a woman
1,587 Xoliswa M. I am a woman and I should be able to live my life, we all should
1,586 Jamila G. I want change and I’m tired of this happening to black women
1,585 Sidney S.
1,584 Nazley J. Witness on a daily basis how my mom had to suffer at hands of her husband
1,583 Lisa S. I am a woman, I have seen this happening generation after generation in my family, I find it strange that we have to fight just to exist safely
1,582 Keché H. I am the change i want to see
1,581 Rubee B.
1,580 Samantha A. I don't want to be next!
1,579 Celesté M. I am against the abuse & killings that are rife in S.A
1,578 Daniella R. I am signing because I am raising a daughter and I want to protect her and her furture
1,577 Janet S. I am signing for change
1,576 Chanté M. I am fed up with the lack of action that's being taken against GBV!
1,575 Sherwin P. I believe that as a man I have to do my part in creating a safer better place for women
1,574 Veronique J. I am signing because enough is enough. It is time that the energy is kept and that the tone gets set the right way!
1,573 Thiloshini N. I am sick and tired of women abuse and killings. I am signing to get the death penalty back for these bastards.
1,572 Thokozile M. I don't want the decision of whether I die or live to be in the hands of some man.
1,571 Kaveshni N. I want the violence against women and children to end
1,570 Sofia M. I’m tired of worrying about myself, my friends and family
1,569 Richard P. Prevennt awful violence against women
1,568 Simon T. I want an end to GBV and I want a safer world for women.
1,567 Chelsey K. I am against GBV
1,566 Karla J.
1,565 Havana N. We need to protect our women.
1,564 Claire L. Woman Rights are Human Rights
1,563 Nonie S. I am a woman and I deserve to not live in fear
1,562 Jessica C.
1,561 Miriam L. I am signing because I am tired of living in fear everyday of my life in this country! I no longer want to leave my house. I have developed Agoraphobia thanks to this poorly run country. KEEP OUR WOMEN AND CHILDREN SAFE!
1,560 Amanda D. Violence against women and children should not happen at all!!!!!
1,559 Jenna W. enough is enough
1,558 Lisa S. I care I want change
1,557 Liliana L.
1,556 Meg k.
1,555 Mikayla R. I am tired and angry waking up every day finding that another women had been brutality murdered and assaulted simply because men can and they feel entitled to our bodies. I am tired of feeling helpless and living in fear that I, or someone that I know is next. Enough is enough. Justice for the victims of GBV
1,554 Savannah P. I want to support!
1,553 Nola N. I'm sick of not feeling safe anywhere.
1,552 Hlengiwe T. As a young girl, I can't enjoy my youth without worrying about my safety even at home
1,551 Koketso K. Justice need to be done
1,550 Elaine H. I am signing because this GBV should be stopped and supported by our government enough is enough
1,549 Lara S.
1,546 Brenner D.
1,545 Thulani M. I don't want my daughter or myself to be next, we cannot live in fear
1,544 Zara R.
1,543 Hawa A. I am a woman and am afraid for my life.
1,542 Helen D. Enough is enough
1,541 Frank L. I am singing because I'm against GBV in all forms or shape.
1,540 Joy L.
1,539 Xanthe B. I’m tired of living in constant fear.
1,538 Janoline W. I also had a cousin sister who was brutily murdered and raped in the hands of an alleged ex boyfriend
1,537 Elna S.
1,536 Naso N. I am against GBV
1,535 Soukaina P.
1,534 Autumn K.
1,533 Kenny S. Gender based violence is a problem I'm thos country and needs to be stopped
1,532 Arya M.
1,531 Hannah K.
1,530 Sandile D. Women need to be protected at all cost
1,529 Salina K. Violence is never the answer
1,528 Liam P.
1,527 Geuel M.
1,526 Jackie C.
1,525 Jaime W.
1,524 Jay L. I am a South African who now lives in the UK. I am extremely privileged to know what safety looks and feels like. It breaks my heart that my people don’t have the same fate. It is an embarrassment to tell people I do not want to visit my own country because I fear I will not make it out safely. I cannot imagine what this like for our women and children daily.
1,523 Philisiwe M. I am concerned
1,522 Viktoria S.
1,521 Marina M. Im a women
1,520 Bongiwe M. This needs to stop we are no longer safe even in our homes Enough is enough
1,519 Chantelle H. Enough is enough.
1,518 Serena H.
1,517 Rudzani K. We don't know who's next
1,516 Kamogelo R. I want a safe environment for women in SA. Enough is Enough
1,515 Mokgohloe M. Enough is enough
1,514 Lethokuhle N. I want a safer environment for women and children
1,513 Asiphile N. I to am a survivor of Gbv .i honestly just want to help put and end to this pandemic.
1,512 Tembela V. I want to see a peaceful worldwhere women are protected
1,511 Kgomotsego C. I want to end gender violence
1,510 T P. Enough is enough
1,509 razelle p. woman deserve better
1,508 Fortune M.
1,507 Noziphiwo M. I am tired of always having to watch my back when I’m walking alone. I’m tired of having grown men old enough to be my father undressing me with their eyes when I walk down the street. I’m tired of having to be afraid all the time. Gender based violence needs to stop. Enough is enough. Aluta Continua.
1,506 Ngwevukazi S. Enough is enough justice for all Women who are abused by men
1,505 Tokoloho M. I don't want to be next
1,504 Devashen R.
1,503 Tsakani M.
1,502 ghakiema j. I am signing because the society we live in has really become so numb to the senseless killing and assault on women. I have three daughters and i am terrified of the world i have brought them into. Change has to come. So many children become motherless because of GBV. Enough ,
1,501 Nakido G.
1,500 Siphe M. Our justice systems fails us everyday.
1,499 Sonia L.
1,498 Enolicia S. These stats are SHOCKING! It is not OKAY. It is our duty to protect our most vulnerable.
1,497 Zakaria K. To help people
1,496 Alice G. It’s the right thing to do
1,495 Bonolo M.
1,494 Yael D.
1,493 Maphuti M. I am a woman,mother, sister, cousin and I am TIRED of this GBV.. It needs some serious attention, we are also human beings
1,492 Megan C. I want to help
1,491 Greer W.
1,490 Tania P. We need to stop the violence and control of women by men who think its their right. Where is the love?.
1,489 Clarissa H. I am signing because women deserve to feel safe
1,488 Thandiwe M. I am signing because I am a young mother of 2 little girls and we cannot continue living in fear and anxiety of these monsters who just continue to roam our country. Enough is Enough!
1,487 Maura B.
1,486 Nobuhle M. I'm tired of being scared. I'm tired of all the promises that are not followed with action from our government
1,485 Chloe B. I am signing up because I am them and they are me , and we are dying at the hands on these Perpetrators
1,484 Rethabile L. I am a woman
1,483 Biejanka D. It is my responsibility to do my part...for my nieces, my sisters, mother, friends,myself and every other woman living in fear in SA
1,482 Kgosi M. GBV is cringe
1,481 Leonora S. GB need to stop
1,480 James S.
1,479 Abigail F.
1,477 Ash D. We need to prioritize protecting women and girls
1,476 Ray C. No one deserves the threat of violence
1,475 Refilwe M. GBV and Femicide has become a pandemic on its own in our country, I am disturbed at how women are treated and it scares me to raise my daughter in a society like this. THIS HAS TO END
1,474 Kennedy l. I am sick and tired of GBV and our Government that can't bring justice !!!
1,473 Sophia L. I want to support all women
1,472 Zyra D.
1,471 Kendall B. I can not stand to see my Black sisters in danger
1,470 Pelumi A. To bring changes to suffering women and children
1,469 ciel l.
1,468 R C. GBV is real
1,467 Beatrice Ida H. beatricewriter301@gmail.com
1,466 Desiree A.
1,465 Donnie M.
1,464 mckenzie m.
1,463 Yvonne E.
1,462 Jessie R. I’m a young girl who wants to be safe
1,461 Zoe S.
1,460 Na L.
1,459 Ncediswa M. To break the silence in Gender Based Violence
1,458 Ben A.
1,457 Tsadenna A.
1,456 Teah E. This is a serious issue that needs more attention!
1,455 Rhia F.
1,454 Séamus G.
1,453 Tabitha C. I am a women and i stand for our rights EVERYWHERE !
1,452 Casie J. This is so important and GBV needs to end
1,451 Keratile T. This affects me as a south African woman. I would like to exist in my country without the fear of some feeling entitled to me
1,450 Jasmine H. Black Lives Matter
1,449 Nduvho M. I am tired of just hearing promises of taking action from the government and no implementing these promises
1,448 Boniswa M. I am tired of women and children being brutally abused, murdered by man
1,447 Louis A. it’s important
1,446 René A. I want to help fight for those who can't
1,445 M. Y S. GBV is needs to end
1,444 En A. Gender Based Violence is horrendous and needs to end
1,443 Michelle L. I am tired of the lack of justice, accountability and responsiveness and because of that I am scared of being a woman in South Africa
1,442 Rolande H. I'm sad
1,441 Maggie V. I hate this
1,440 Candice C.
1,439 Deryn |. Abuse against women and children must stop!
1,438 Ulandi A. Coming from an abusive father, no woman should ever have to endure GBV. We need action, no more talking!
1,437 Hege E.
1,436 Yvette E. I sau NO MORE. Woman need to be protected.
1,435 Kirstin M. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Our sisters need our help.
1,434 Janice R. Change is needed
1,433 Thoko Z. I believe it's time for change. I want to be a part of the change that is needed.
1,432 Goitsemang B. I'm against GBV
1,431 Cindy V. He should get what comes to him, no woman deserves to be abused
1,430 Ram N.
1,429 Rejoice M. I am signing because I’m a victim of women violence and I want something to be done so women abuse stops.
1,428 Chumisa Z. im signing beacause i dont know if im next
1,427 Refilwe S. Woman should be respected, valued and protected.
1,426 Maria V. This need to stop, our women and children are very vulnerable.
1,425 Thabile H. I was raped
1,424 Kira H.
1,423 Christine D. Our laws and law enforcers need to protect our women and children. Women and children are not the enemy but a toxic society is. We need to change mindsets and protect our mothers, sisters, friends!
1,422 Sakina K. Woman have the right to be respected, protected and valued! All lives Matter!!
1,421 Simone P. I am signing because I'm so tired of the fear I feel inside as a 15 year old teenage girl in South Africa. I fear being raped. I fear being murdered. I fear men.
1,420 Marianne S. I believe women should feel and be safe in their own country.
1,419 Alicia L.
1,418 Dorah M. I am concerned
1,417 Tsakani M. To help the fight to stop gender based violence
1,416 Tanisha C. You have become no better than your colonizers if not worst the world smells like filth
1,415 Nicole S. I am a woman who lives in fear
1,414 Bronwen M. I am a mother of a girl-child and we both deserve to be safe.
1,413 Casey S. People who are subjected to GBV are not protected and there are few consequences for the perpitrators
1,412 Michaela H. As a woman and a human being, we should protect each other not break each other.
1,411 Andile M. I stand strongly against crime committed by men onto women!
1,410 Kenneth W. To stop gender based violence
1,409 Jeanne-Pierre V. Gender based violence must stop
1,408 Lepescho L.
1,407 Vania C. Something must be done, our justice system does not protect the innocent. Criminals have too many rights in this country and this has to change. How does our government sleep at night, knowing full well that they enable this violent and abominable culture in our country.
1,406 Mandy L. I was in an abusive relationship
1,405 Tshililo C. Against bulliying at school
1,404 Modjadji R. I am scared for my life and my sisters lives.
1,403 Dineo M.
1,402 Lulama M. Enough is Enough
1,401 Christina L. I have been affected by GBV in all it's horrific forms & this needs to end everywhere
1,400 Thulisile M. thulithulzm@gmail.com
1,399 Thibedi M. I'm living in fear, our safety isn't guaranteed in our country
1,398 Joshua J. I want to stop gbv in south africa
1,397 Nicola W. I'm scared for the little girls who need to be tomorrow's women, they need to know their rights and be protected
1,396 Nandipa M. I want GBV to end
1,395 Nikita Amore P. I am a women in South Africa and im ready for change. I'm ready to stop GBV in SA
1,394 Gemma H.
1,393 Gisella D. We need to make changes so everyone can live their best fear-free life.
1,392 Phindile M. We are tired of man killing our future leaders
1,391 Zelda Q. This kind of abuse needs to stop! The figures are staggering and those that are defenceless need help.
1,390 Seipati L. This situation has to change to this country to move forward
1,389 siya p.
1,388 Chantelle L. I have experienced abusive relationships
1,387 Nicolé K. Im tired of men getting away with murder Im also a victim of gbv with a Narcissist and our justice system letting us woman down. Woman have roghts its time our justice system protect us. We are tired of all the murders and abuse on woman.
1,386 Xavien M. I am standing up as a man against GBV
1,385 Claire D.
1,384 Laura H.
1,383 Adam S. It is the right thing to do
1,382 Miriam C. Enough is enough
1,381 Chandre J. I am a woman and its unfair to see that our females being treated they way they are,no justice for these victims. I worry for my daughter and other females.Whose next?
1,380 Nondumiso M. Enough is Enough
1,379 Kamogelo R. Stand up for the voiceless (victims)
1,378 Jaydeen F. Iam signing because Iam a woman. I have a mother, sisters and so many other women that I love and Iam GATVOL!
1,377 Nomonde M. Femicide must end!
1,376 Keitumetse S. Because I want justice for those women who were brutally murdered
1,375 Robyn K. There can be no equality when women, children, and LGBTQ+ people live in fear
1,374 Caruché J.
1,373 Theresa G. I stand against all abuse in society
1,372 Kristin B. Enough is enough
1,371 Phumla F. Enough is enough
1,370 Aphiwe V. I am a women
1,369 Victricia B. I support all initiatives to reduce, prevent and stop GBV
1,368 Fatimah D. GBV is a disease.
1,367 Sameegah J.
1,366 Lerato M. I was also a victim and the perpetrator is still enjoying his freedom out here, working in government, because our justice system sees nothing wrong with such impunity
1,365 Merlyn D. I had enough
1,364 Lehlogonolo M. Am a young woman and am saying #Wearenotnext
1,363 Abnesi S.
1,362 Monique R. Enough.
1,361 Sharu S. This has to stop. We cannot fight a problem that continues to be accepted as a societal norm.
1,360 Phakama M. This cruelty against vulnerable women and children must end!
1,359 Eon S.
1,358 Sebolelo M. I AM TIRED OF GBV IN SA
1,357 Florence N. I am against GBV
1,356 Tsilly D. Enough is enough we want to be fearless
1,355 Charlton M. I support women for change.
1,354 Evahn P. I'm against woman abuse
1,353 Jo-lene V. I want GBV to stop! Women need to be protected!
1,352 Kayleigh S. Eradicate gender base violence
1,351 Debbie Z. Enough is Enough
1,350 Mphohadi N. GBV needs to end in South Africa
1,349 Carmen L.
1,348 Robby S. Ending GBV is long overdue. We want to see change.
1,347 betsy s. i am signing because none of us can be free and at peace when women and children are not safe in their own homes!
1,346 Boitumelo M. There should be harsher sentence for GBV cases
1,345 Maatje D. Gender based violence need to end
1,344 Zahida M. Because I like to help and because women are important to everyone and they deserve to heard
1,343 Mike G. Something drastic needs to be done about the atrocities and violence against woman and children
1,342 Kara v. I support the movement against GBV
1,341 Li-An M. GBV is unacceptable. I am are TIRED of empty promises and the justice system that is failing in protecting our women & children
1,340 Kavitha D. Gender based violence is nt acceptable!!
1,339 Chane S. This world is becoming more and more evil and we need to be protected
1,338 Lungi D. Gender based violence is devastating the country and it deserves so much more attention than its getting
1,337 Roxanne B.
1,336 Qukezwa X. I want justice for every soul of women that left this earth because of a men.
1,335 Courtney S. I am signing because I am a survivor of Gender Based Violence. I also have a mother, sisters, cousins and aunts and I fear for their lives in South Africa. I am signing because I still have a voice while so many of my sisters lay in their graves because their voices were taken away from them. I am signing because I am tired of living in fear and in a country who doesn't prioritize our lives.
1,334 Colleen M. This has to come to an end, JUSTICE must be served for the perpetrators, harsh harsh penalties, Death Centance I say
1,333 Elandi B. I want to see change.
1,332 Janine B. I am signing because I am tired of hearing about another woman killed mybher partner. Enough is enough
1,331 Genevieve M. We need to change the narrative
1,330 Lucia M. We women are not Safe, it is traumatizing and very painful to see us die and abused everyday of our Life.
1,329 Bevan B. I am ashamed of the men in South Africa and I hope this small gesture will help.
1,328 Maphoko T. I am signing because I want to see GBV come to an end. Enough is enough!!
1,327 Elenor R. I'm sick and tired 2 see how many innocent lives are taken.
1,326 Jeslin B. Enough is enough we need to look after our woman and children.
1,325 Litha N. Women are the reason we are here. Women are the future.
1,324 Nokuthula M. Because this has to stop. Enough is enough
1,323 Alexa C. Sick and tired of women dying in this country
1,322 Barry W. I believe women are equal
1,321 Cassidy E.
1,320 Shareldine S. I believe change is possible
1,319 Rodney L. Everyone in SA deserves to feel safe
1,318 Yolandé H. We need to stop this violence
1,317 Shireen V. I'm so tired of reading all these horrific incidents of women and children being slain. Women and children are the biggest walking targets in this country
1,316 Khanyisile S. I want justice for these ladys.
1,315 Mdhavazi N. Because i might be next
1,314 Samanthe B. GBV needs to end how many more women and children must leave this world because of men. Enough is Enough.
1,313 Sli N. I am extremely angered by this barbaric behavior of abusive men.
1,312 Simnikiwe L. I am an activist in GBV and would like to put an end to this.
1,311 Nomthi M. It's shameful the way our justice system fails victims and their families on a daily basis
1,310 Agnesia G. I'm signing to be a voice for voiceless. Small flames still start a fire.
1,309 Merle T. I am signing because GBV is becoming commonplace and an everyday occurrence. The victims of these heinous crimes are in most cases powerless to change their situation. By signing I add my voice to million other voices so that the government can't ignore the million of women voices shouting for change, dignity and protection.
1,308 Adeline C. I am signing because this GBV is too much. It needs to end
1,307 Andrea W.
1,306 Shantel B. I'm a surviver
1,305 Nafisa K. I support any movement toward change
1,304 Non M. I lost a friend few years ago due to GBV
1,303 Carmen P.
1,302 Thandi J M. I have seen how this cancerous culture of brutality towards women and children without serious consequences in some cases is embedding itself in our society making it almost impossible for us
1,301 Erica G. Not only have I been a victim, but this goes to the heart of society and goes undealt with, most women not talking about it because to do so impacts the family and most just don't want to know otherwise they need to deal with it.
1,300 Chesna H. I was sexually abused at a young age
1,299 beverley S. I think it is disgraceful how this country deals with femicide
1,298 Tara V. As women, we deserve better.
1,297 Lungile S. Enough is Enough
1,296 Kim G.
1,295 Kiara I. I am signing because I want to feel safe as a young women in south africa.
1,294 Caroline S. I want GBV to stop!
1,293 Liza M. I believe that everyone should be treated equally and not based of their sexual orientation.
1,292 Roshaane D. GBV must fall, I'm a female in SA and raising a daughter and this can happen to anyone. An Injury to one is a injury to all
1,291 Cecilia B. Laws to protect women and girls from male violence need to be implemented, not just signed.
1,290 Kieran B. A friend asked me to
1,289 Mbali N. I feel it's time to take this issue very serious and have the it taken serious
1,288 Anna Z.
1,287 Shevaun F.
1,286 Melanie M. GBV is heinous and we must all take a stand and bring it to a halt
1,285 Lisa W. I am signing because I am calling on the state to implement changes now and protect the women and children in South Africa from GBV
1,284 Faiza J. What is happening out there is unacceptable. things need to CHANGE
1,283 Samantha D.
1,282 Anastasia K. I am a woman and every woman has a right for security
1,281 Anja M. Woman and girls have the right to feel and be safe
1,280 Jessica W. I am a women and I am scared.
1,279 Jessie S. I am tired of always having to read about our sisters being killed. We all have the right to life.
1,278 Melanie S. Enough is enough!
1,277 Nobuhle M. I was a victim
1,276 JENNIFER R. It is unacceptable that women are still being exploited, treated and abused. It has to stop!
1,275 BRIONY F. Because this shit has to stop
1,274 Chelsea D. I am signing because I am again GBV!
1,273 Gabriella K. I want GBV to come to an end and hope this petition helps
1,272 Janet P. Ever person has a voice
1,271 Lorraine H. I am
1,270 Jessica T. Gender violence has got to STOP!
1,269 Ntombizanele D. Enough is enough. I'm tired of gender based violence
1,268 Candy K. I am against gender violence I want to see a change
1,267 Koketso S. I'm a woman in South Africa
1,266 Heidi W. We need action from Government
1,265 Helen v. I am against violence of women
1,264 Sarah B.
1,263 Martha M. I want to be part of a movement that aims to fight against Gender Based violence
1,262 Samantha B. I want to see change
1,261 Anovuyo S. To basically stop being afraid of living in the society I live in because I am a woman
1,260 Maropeng M. I am signing because of I want GVB to stop
1,259 Rosanne P. I am a woman and this has got to stop
1,258 Olga P. Women is giving birth to mankind
1,257 Chanel D. I have experienced GBV
1,256 Floralie T. I want the same freedom men experience in our country.
1,255 Imrah D. I am a woman.
1,254 Solyana M. I want all women and children and people to be safe. Free and have their rights of bodily freedoms were supposed to be awarded
1,253 Clare A. I want every woman to feel safe and not be afraid in their own country
1,252 Kyla M. I am a woman in South Africa and it is ENOUGH.
1,251 Hazel K. I want to feel safe
1,250 Dawu S.
1,249 Tracey F. I was a victim of GBV on more than one occasion and being in a past generation, women were looked down on and not taken seriously. I did not report it as the assailant was one in authority. Women need to be respected and treated as equals.
1,248 Betty M. I am AGAINST any violence against women and children!
1,247 Tanya J. I am signing this petition because any kind of violence against another person is unacceptable, tragic and should not be tolerated within our society.
1,246 Cally S. Things need to change NOW
1,245 Danielle B. Do we want our beautiful, endlessly promising country to be known internationally for our GBV figures? We need change NOW.
1,244 Abigail O.
1,243 Rina K. I am signing because it is our President's duty to protect the women and children of this country.
1,242 Nicola F. Our women & children need to be safe
1,241 Jamiela K. Women need to be protected as a collective action at all levels
1,240 Zi V.
1,239 Nicole B.
1,238 Alexandra A. Im tired of waking up everyday to another woman or child being raped and murdered in SA while criminals walk the streets free!
1,237 Debbie M. This needs to come to an end. Woman deserve to live in Freedom
1,236 Mitchell G. I am signing because gender-based violence is a huge problem in our country and it is our duty to protect our women.
1,235 Tatenda Z. Because am a woman l want justice
1,234 Bianca K.
1,233 Haley M. Survivors must be heard!
1,232 James W.
1,231 Andrea B. I am against GBV
1,230 Bernicia H.
1,229 Andrew A.
1,228 Esohe A. Women and girls must be able to live free from violence and fear
1,227 Justin D.
1,226 Joshua P.
1,225 Riette T. Woman and children need to feel safe! Our Country is not doing enough!
1,224 Dean J.
1,223 Desiree B. This violence, death and destruction needs to end on all lives.
1,222 Ferna M. I was a victim once but was able to leave after suffering for 30 years
1,221 Alexa B. I want to live in a country where I can feel safe as a woman.
1,220 Wendy V. I think any reason to sign this petition, is a very good reason. It's time to change the mindset of most men and some women, alike.
1,219 LIANI P. Women need a voice, to not be seen as the weaker sex.
1,218 Izel M. Treatment of women the world over is despicable. Women deserve to be valued and respected.
1,217 Caylynne P. Violence against women and children should be a thing of the past and those who commit such crimes should be charged accordingly to their deeds and pain caused by them.
1,216 Jana S. I am a woman and I want to feel safe.
1,215 Nadine T. I narrowly escaped being another statistic
1,214 Rumbi G. I want a better world for my daughter and her daughters.
1,213 Kgomotso M. I am against gender based violence
1,212 Nadine E. It is completely unacceptable. The government must do everything possible to end violence against women and children
1,211 Kentse S. I am a Women, and I will have daughters in a future. Hoping they have a better experience in South Africa than I am now
1,210 Roseline N. We need to put a stop to violence against women and children. The perpetrators must be brought to trial. Social justice activists need to be rallied to start a grassroots campaign to eject predators from the community and to provide secure and safe environments for survivors.
1,209 Joy M. Gender based violence needs to end. Also hate crimes against our LGBTQI+ friends needs to stop too.
1,208 Sandra H. I am signing because of the despicable treatment women have to endure in South Africa. I am embarrassed to be a South African.
1,207 Shehnaz M. I want to live in SA that is free from violence
1,206 Anchen J.
1,205 Annericke B.
1,204 Michélle v.
1,203 Yolandé d.
1,202 Kirsty T. Our presidents eloquent words on this subject have led to absolutely no change. Governments lack of accountability is astounding. SAPS policies (and targets) actually result in the under reporting of this epidemic. We must all get involved. Something must change!
1,201 Connie S. Gender Based Violence has to get an end! Enough is enough
1,200 Sebastien C.
1,199 Anna W. We need to end GBV in South Africa.
1,198 Lize M. On of our biggest assets - women and children - are being abused and killed. This abuse has a long-lasting effect on our society, causing more abuse.
1,197 Mzamo M. I care.
1,196 Anel S. No women should be treated differently.. No man should ever lift his hands towards women .. I feel that we should be kept safe and not be treated as victims.. Women and children should be kept safe and kept away from all abusers out there.. How can you as a man do that to us .. its sickening really
1,195 Lilian B. I may not have been a victim ........YET! But im so done with constantly living in fear of "AM I NEXT".
1,194 Verousha H. I believe in zero harm to all women
1,193 Wendy Shirley R. I am a woman and I have a daughter and I want my granddaughters to live free from fear, pain,rape and abuse.
1,192 michelle d. Calling for the government to actively work toward bringing an end to all violence in the country but with a urgent focus on GBV and femicide
1,191 Taryn R. I am signing because this has to STOP!!!
1,190 Juanita E. I hate gender based violence as i was a victim of it as a child !!!
1,189 Lucky M. It is the best thing to do
1,188 Stephanie B. I am signing for those whose voices have already been silenced through the already horrific crimes.
1,187 Liesl v. This pandemic of violence and abuse must end.
1,186 Faith M. Because I feel it's enough
1,185 Stacey v.
1,184 Malthwa M. GBV MUST FALL
1,183 Lauren C. I want all women and children to feel safe in their country, and for harsher punishment for offenders. Victims must be protected and the offender must be the one to carry the blame and shame.
1,182 Estelle W.
1,181 Ian K. F* femicide
1,180 Agnete S. Global femicide has to stop. President of South Africa ,do your duty.
1,179 Yassiem A. Support the fight against GBV
1,178 S'busisiwe S. I am signing because gender based violence and femicide affects all of us and has to be stopped. I want to play my part in making sure I don't have to see anymore articles on our sisters and mother's being killed in the hands of perpetrators.
1,177 Janine O. Enough is enough. End GBV. I am active in contributing to this change in behaviour that we need in our society.
1,176 Candace E. I was a victim
1,175 Tanya J. I am signing as my heart is bleeding for my sisters and for this GBV to END!!
1,174 Dorchen L. I want to end gender-based violence.
1,173 Ashleigh V. Enough is enough. We need change. We need justice. At the very least.
1,172 Shannon F. I am a woman, a mother , a daughter. I don't want to be another statistic. My girls have a right to be children without living in fear of what a man could do to them
1,171 Adelaide R. I am tired of nothing being done.
1,170 Julie K. Julie K
1,169 Alejandra R. we need to stop misoginy
1,168 Tegan L.
1,167 Jeanette W. United States of America -I am a survivor of trafficking and torture. I am now a survivor leader and Human Rights Defender.
1,166 Andrés F.
1,165 Yvonne Elizabeth V.
1,164 Marinda L.
1,163 Rose v. Woman and children should not live in fear.
1,162 Rado Harintsoa R. I am a Human Rights Defender and I defend the rights of women. Women's rights are human rights.
1,161 Charlotte B.
1,160 Mpho M. Trying to make the voice louder
1,159 Aimee H. Women need protection
1,158 Magdalena O. I experience Abuse
1,157 Teresa U. I am signing because the violence against women is a pandemia as grave as COVID-19
1,156 Samukelisiwe C. I am signing because I am Generation Equality
1,155 Nicola C. Change is required.
1,154 Ujulile K. Femicide must end.
1,153 Busisiwe R. I have been abused. I know what it’s like
1,152 Vangile N. I am a black women in South Africa who lives in constant fear of when I might be next.
1,151 Zulfa D. Because, I can help save a mother,daughter , sister and a future generation.
1,150 Kevin A. I am an Activist against Gender Based Violence and resolute in the belief that the South African Government is way too lethargic in dealing with these Crimes against Women & Children. IT IS UNACCEPTABLE! We need to demand our Constitutional Rights for Women & Children. 'Everyone has the right to dignity, and the right to have that dignity protected and respected.' Our Judic
1,149 Bonisiwe M. GBV affects all of us & has to stop
1,148 Magmoeda H. As a mother and as a woman I sign this petition for sake of my daughters and their children to come. I sign this for any woman or child that can't speaks for themselves.
1,147 Pauline P. I know what it's like to be abused
1,146 Martina A. We as woman need change to live our lives with freedom and peace
1,145 Louise Y. I am a woman, sister, mother, daughter and we deserve better.
1,144 Daphny C. I am signing for the protection of our women and children
1,143 Nihaad R. Violence against women and children in our country is an epidemic that the president seems to discard as an issue
1,142 Lesley W. Enough is enough … GBV must not be tolerated, zero tolerance with harsh
1,141 Kaylan D. I am signing because no one deserves to be abused!
1,140 Jeremy R. It is unacceptable that 95% sf sexual offenses go unreported. We should only be satisfied until we have 100% of cases reported and a 95% successful prosecution and at least 95% successful prosecutions. All men need to make a radical change in the way they view women.
1,139 Fatima S. I am signing this to protect women who cannot protect themselves
1,138 Naomi J. Something must be done we women is not safe any where we go and nothing is being done sick and tired
1,137 Ellen M.
1,136 Joelene O. I have been a victim many times
1,135 Nozizwe M. Women’s lives matter
1,134 Chandre E. Those statistics could very easily be me, or my mom, or sisters, cousins, nieces, YOU. I am signing because if my signature means even a small shift towards keeping them safe, I'm all in.
1,133 Jane M.
1,132 Heinrich B. As a man who respects woman and children, married to a queen, raising a daughter and a boy. They need to grow up with these crimes eliminated
1,131 Jade L. I am tired of seeing and reading about my sisters dying at the hands of a man! Enough is enough, something permanent has to be done!
1,130 Lecia B. Woman and child abuse is getting out of hand and nothing gets done
1,129 Casey d. I want to see a world where women can have the freedom to feel safe in their own homes, work places and country.
1,128 Ryan S.
1,127 Paul J. I support women for change.
1,126 karabo k. I am signing because I want to a change for every women out there...we fight for freedom too...as an 18 year old teen who was failed by the south African justice I stand for change...I stand as every women's voice out there
1,125 Autumn B. Women’s rights are human rights!
1,124 Gail H. I am signing because I am against abuse and cruelty. We should all be treated with respect, love and kindness.
1,123 Kimberley A. I am tired of being afraid of being a woman in this country. I want to be able to jog in my neighbourhood without fearing getting raped. I want other women and children to not be assaulted and abused by men for their own perverted reasons. I want this country to be a safe place for us and our children. I've had enough of changing my behaviour to be safer. Men need to not rape!
1,122 Gary E. I am against GBV of all kinds and will be part of positive change.
1,121 Eleanor M. I'm signing because I'm a survivor of GBV and many still suffering, not enough justice and change in system to really protect and zero tolerance should be enough to all
1,120 Rayhana G. I want to see a change in the statistics.
1,119 Sandra M.
1,118 Perushka G. I am a woman and we should all feel safe.
1,117 Florence H.
1,116 Bathandwa R. I have a Moral responsibility to play my part in fighting GBV.
1,115 Raymond A. As men we need to protect our women.
1,114 Taryn M. Equality, protection, enough is enough!
1,113 Carol R. I am a survivor of gender based violence and support this movement fully
1,112 Avril A. The violence and murder against women and children must stop. So many lives lost to men they know and trusted!!!
1,111 Fredlynne B.
1,110 Angel B. GBV NEEDS TO END
1,109 Chad W. Woman deserve to live their lives without being in constant fear.
1,108 Lynn H. It needs to stopb
1,107 Stephanie P. I am tired. Tired fo watching my back. Tired of constantly being on edge.
1,106 Chandre J. To bring about change in our community because we see the violence happening in our neighborhood but tend to turn a blind eye
1,105 Drisha F. Countries must take males violence against women seriously
1,104 Jeanne S. Co-Founder Persons Against Non-State Torture
1,103 Liezel P. I am a women
1,102 Yasmin V.
1,101 gabriel c. Women's rights are human rights
1,100 Maxine W. I'm supporting my sisters against GBV.
1,099 Natasha S.
1,098 Amy C. I am signing this because I want action for a better South Africa, especially for women.
1,097 Xoli M. Enough is enough, we need an end to all sorts of abuse to woman and children including woman trafficing, killing of LQBTQ+communities
1,096 Tamryn M. It's the right thing to do
1,095 Birthe H. This situation is outrageous and needs urgent attention from all citizens
1,094 Nombali M. Passionate about women
1,093 Julie C. Julie
1,092 Lori C. I support an end to Gender Based Violence
1,091 Candice T. I’ve lost Two friends to GBV and want a better world for our women and children
1,090 Darren F. It is time for talk of gender equality to end, we need gender equality to be actioned.
1,089 Cherie J. I am a survivor of prostitution and sexual violence
1,088 Ruchira G. To stand my the most vulnerable girls and women
1,087 Cindy R. I’m am tired of being a women in South Africa, we in constant fear. Something as simple as going running we can’t do anymore because you might get raped on your run.
1,086 Lovisa T. Supporting anti GBV
1,085 Jorina d. I want to fight for justice! Us women deserve to be protected and we have the right to a safe environment.
1,084 Nolwandle M. We need to end GBV, we all know of someone who is a victim and some of us know of people who died because of this scourge.
1,083 George R. Gender Based Violence must stop and the legislation must be enacted now
1,082 Nkunge B. It could me , or one of my daughter,nieces ,grand daughtet
1,081 Tanya R. Am I next?!
1,080 Kamogelo T. Gbv must stop!!!
1,079 Nicole S. CHANGE IS NEEDED
1,078 Jonathan C. GBV must stop, interventions by all is urgently required
1,077 De-Anne L. Gender based violence must stop
1,076 Bianca B. I am supporting this cause.
1,075 McDonald Mzimkhulu P. I want to see women equally important and respected as all men in our country and in the continent.
1,074 Storm E. I am tired of our government not prioritizing women and children's safety. I am sick to death of GBV and DV going unheard. We deserve better. We deserve change. We deserve swift justice and more protection. We need police who are empathetic, well trained and who will wear their uniform with pride. We need a leadership who will allow the police force to bring about change on the streets.
1,073 Charline T. I want to see a change too many girls and women are being abused and the law takes too long to convict the perpetrators
1,072 Anushka B. As I woman I support any movement against GBV
1,071 Annette K. Gender based violence must stop!
1,070 Sherelize F. We need change
1,069 Shane M. Change needs to happen
1,068 Johnnie O. I am signing because as a man, a husband and a father it's important to support this initiative and be an example to my boys that real men don't abuse women.
1,067 Zay F. This is an extremely important issue that needs to be adddressed
1,066 Siphesihle M. Enough is enough!
1,065 Lauren-Leigh F.
1,064 Heinrich A. I am against the violence and abuse of women.
1,063 Renecia T. Women For Change as a civil society is advocating for the protection of the constitutional rights of women and children in South Africa
1,062 Russell P. It’s the right thing to do! No gender based violence can ever be justified in any form or shape
1,061 Linda W. Abuse and killing should stop immediately
1,060 Lucia B. South Africa needs to be a safe place for women
1,059 Laeeq T. Enough is Enough
1,058 Chantal R. I support the fight against GBV
1,057 Morne V. This need to stop!
1,056 Zane S. Because I belive woman are equal to men. Woman and children should be protected.
1,055 Simanathia H. I stand in solidarity with women for Change
1,054 Kurt M. I would like to see immediate change with regards to GBV and Femicide
1,053 Lynda S. GBV and Femicide has to stop - Our Country needs to protect our women & children - it is time that those in power start realizing that this is a pandemic - is this what South Africa must be known about - definately not the big 5........ - but the daily murders of Women & Children - absolutely heartbreaking ??????? # ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!
1,052 Inge S. Enough is enough
1,051 Gené B. I am signing for those who didn’t have the chance to.
1,050 Kirstin M. This needs to end now. Everything about this is just wrong. Us women need justice.
1,049 Bianca D. I am signing because of those who did not get the chance
1,048 Khothatso R. I want change and women and children be save and feel safe in the society
1,047 Mia D. I am signing for those who didn’t have the chance.
1,046 ERIN R. Women deserve to feel safe in their own skin
1,045 Angelo P. I am against GBV and I stand by my mothers and sisters.
1,044 Katlego P. As a women myself I believe in the right to life for women . It’s time to make a change
1,043 Refiloe M.
1,042 Lesedi R. I want to see an end to gbv.
1,041 Kirsty D.
1,040 Tshego M. I want gbv to end
1,039 Sarah C. gender based violence in south africa has gone on for far too long. it is time to save our women, protect them and eradicate GBV all together!
1,038 Michelle Z. I want to see women being protected and safe in our society.
1,037 Karabo M.
1,036 Jane R. I am signing because a fear of practicing my rights as a woman because cruel men walk the streets at every corner and I experience verbal harassment everywhere I go
1,035 Maxine W.
1,034 Kayla B. Men’s education and awareness on gbv should be one of the prime aspects when dealing with GBV. Stop GBV at the source.
1,033 Venessa S. All woman must be protected.
1,032 Melissa B. I am a women and I'm raising a little girl that needs to grow up in this world
1,031 Justine B. Our sisters deserve to be protected by their government. A government who fails their female population fails their country!
1,030 Zane U. Men to take responsibility for the fact that women live in fear because of them!
1,029 Lila A. I am a woman. I left South African due to fear of personal safety as a woman.
1,028 Jacky M. Enough is enough. This shit ends NOW...
1,027 Robin D.
1,026 Tarren F. I am a woman scared in a country where women are killed
1,025 Gayle M. Politicians talk but nothing is done. There is no real help from the government or its institutions.
1,024 Onthatile L. I want this to end. We have siblings as well I wouldn't want the same to happen to them
1,023 Eunice C. I am victim of gender based violence
1,022 Sofia C. Because im a women and i want this to stop
1,021 Courtney M.
1,020 Chanise H. I am tired of being afraid
1,019 Robyn B.
1,018 Boipelo D.
1,017 Sibongile D.
1,016 Roxanne V. No women deserves to be afraid of her life we should all be able to live life as free and safe as possible
1,015 Abongile S. Every women I have conversed with has a story of assault and abuse, and all of us have never reported because we realise in this country the Justice system is constructed to protect predators.
1,014 Charlotte P. Many women like myself have fallen prey to GBV, and a future that is safe for all women needs to ve created
1,013 Lauren C.
1,012 Kerry-Anne R. I AM WOMXN!!! Hear me roar!!! #EnoughisEnough
1,011 Jessica T. I'm an anti gbv advocate
1,010 Ncumisa S. I am against GBV
1,009 Tarryn D. This shit is reality and anyone of us could b next (ek sny dit af)
1,008 Micayla C. I need protection as a woman and as mother raising a little girl.
1,007 Valencia N. We as women deserve to be protected and heard!!
1,006 Prudence M. Enough is enough! We are tired of living in fear
1,005 Jesse D. Enough is enough
1,004 Luleka S. I am a woman and I want to live a free life
1,003 Amelia T.
1,002 Liandré A. The women of this country deserve better than to be slaughtered. We need justice. We need this to end NOW!
1,001 Micaela B. I want to feel safe,heard and speak for the voices that have been silenced...
1,000 Caitlin S. We as women deserve to be protected
999 Barrunique K. I am signing because we all live in fear. I am signing for the safety of the next generation.
998 Lynn H. Our society, legal system and police are failing abused women and children.
997 Tsebo M. Women shouldn't live in constant fear of their lives. There should be a change in our country having one of the highest rates of femicide is alarming and we as a country should work together in order to see a vital change .
996 Maddy B. I am a women and I don't want to be next, we need change we need justice!
995 Layne G. We NEED change and the government needs to take action
994 Kim S. I am a woman and we need desperate change in SA. Women are slaughtered on a daily basis. The monsters need to suffer the consequences. It's the least we can do for our fallen angels. My blood boils. I am sick and tired of feeling scared in my own country and looking over my shoulder everytime I see a suspicious looking man in public.
993 Edward C. I am signing because i want to see my sister safe.
992 Shoreida C. I'm a women and we are one.
991 Deidre F. I believe in our right to be safe..to be treated like worthy citizens of this country
990 Astrid S. Our woman aren't safe anywhere anymore. GBV is another pandemic.
989 Risha P.
988 Thembelihle Z. I've watched too many of my sister be killed and nothing is done about it
987 Jase A. women and children abuse should come to an end! My mom has been abused , and as a young child i had to witness this. It hurts and still does. i strongly believe in this movement!
986 Deidré L. The war against womxn needs to end
985 Kamogelo M. We're tired of raising awareness we need change
984 Heather V. Enough is enough!
983 Lynn K. Women shouldn't live in fear
982 Greta P. I am a victim of GBV and no woman should go through that in any form.
981 Kemisetso M. I am signing because I am tired of living in fear and seeing hashtags everyday of innocent women and children who never deserved to be murdered and raped. I am signing, because I want all women and children of South Africa to feel safe and never live in fear. Finally I'm signing, because I want to see change.
980 ashley p. it’s absolutely disgusting that this amount of violence against women is happening
979 Isabella A. I am signing because I want change to be made and be better as a society.So that no one else is another victim.
978 Adriana S. Because, enough is enough WOMAN lives matters. We are also important and deserves to be treated well. Woman should not be suffering. We are strong and we deserve to be safe in our own country ❤️
977 Sebastian V. I feel that every life should be respected, regardless of skin colour, age, gender, or sex
976 Araya S. I feel that this is important
975 Kai A. women deserve to walk alone at night and not fear for their life. women deserve to wear what they want and not worry about getting raped and murdered. women are living, breathing, beautiful creatures and deserve to be celebrated and cherished and loved and protected.
974 Marci B.
973 Mia v. This Femicide can't go on. It must stop. We as women and children have rights.
972 Unathi S. I want to see change for women, not just the cosmetic change the government is always implementing to face this issue.
971 Tracy-lee J. I am signing because I am a woman raising a daughter & I want us both to feel safe in this country along with every other woman!
970 Elizabeth L. Enough is enough.
969 Thandokazi M. We need more justice
968 Nwabisa N. I want change in the justice, women to feel safe and secured in their own country, and taking a stand against GBV
967 Mbonge N. I'm scared of becoming another post on Instagram that will be forgotten after a few hours. Im tired of fearing if I will even have a future or will it be cut off before I can even dream.
966 Nadene C. I believe in woman's rights and protection.
965 LeeLinn A. We are tired of living in fear and being cat called daily! We are tired of GBV and nothing is being done!
964 Nasera C. I'm a woman!
963 Malehlohonolo T. I am tired of being scared to be a woman living in South Africa; of seeing multiple stories each day of yet another woman's life being cut short at the hands of a man, and our government not actively doing anything about it.
962 kirsty D. I want perpetrators to be punished harshly for crimes against women and children.
961 Oba M. I want the women, children and queer people of the country to feel safe
960 Nolwazi T. Enough is enough!!!!!
959 Jimmy A. I care
958 Elaine C. It’s breaking my heart seeing all the beautiful females being murdered senselessly… what makes these perpetrators think this is acceptable behaviour?
957 Bianca W.
956 Larna R. The amount of pain and struggling woman of South Africa go through on the daily from being unable to walk alone during the day and even at night to being killed simply because they’re women is just so sad and it hurts to know that I know several people who’ve been in situations that are seriously damaging.
955 Micaela L. GBV has to stop!
954 Caley G. I am signing because I am a survivor of Gender Based Violence and there was no justice, other than being listed in the gvb register the cops did nothing. I dont want another woman to go what I went through
953 Hayley P. Because I'm against GBV
952 Sisanda L. Because I am a woman who wants to see change in the country , for women and children to live in a safe environment where they don't fear for their lives. I want change. Women lives matter.
951 Monique K. I agree........we need to demand an immediate intervention, to bring about the change to women and children they have been pleading for
950 Bianca B. Enough is enough
949 Inge M. We need change!! Our Mothers, Sisters, and Children need to be protected!
948 Sophia v. We need to live our lives not locked up in our houses
947 Amara S. Change needs to happen!
946 Olwethu N. I want to see a change before I'm next
945 Samantha S. I am signing this because im against GBV and I want to see a change
944 Zama P. I'm signing because I'm tired of Gender base violence and the killing of our sisters
943 Tasneem M. Enough is enough!
942 Nicole B. This horror can not be allowed to continue!!
941 Nathalie G. Enough is enough!!! END TO GBV AND FEMICIDE!!!
940 Lynn K. I don't myself or family members want to be next
939 Skhumbuzo M. Womens rights are being abused in this country and the law is bot on their side. I have a friend who was raped and reported the case, had a case number and no arrest has been made till this day. We are not safe.
938 Vuyelwa M. I'm signing because I'm a victim and survivor of GBV
937 Lia S. I am signing because our numbers are frightening
936 Luclay M. Enough is enough. No to GBV against gays
935 Vuyelwa M.
934 Abigail S. Enough is enough
933 Nobuhle M. I stand against women and children abuse
932 Mayibongwe N.
931 Mandy M.
930 Ela M. I am afraid of the thought that I might be next and there is nothing I can do about it.
929 Khanyisile N.
928 Ellen A.
927 Christina L. I and many more have experienced GBV too often and no one should have to experience that at all.
926 Nokukhanya N. Enough is enough
925 Badirile R.
924 Chantell L. I am signing this because I am a survivor of domestic violence and I am sick and tired that the perpetrators get away with it and that women are not protected by the law
923 Glenda F. This must come to an end!! Bring back the death penalty!!
922 Motladi S. I am signing this because no women should have to go through life being fearful If today will be the end
921 Yuvna G. I am a rape and gbv survivor
920 Yaya N. I say no to GBV
919 Devon F. Enough is enough.
918 Chante A. We as women are constantly living in fear and by me signing this petition, I hope that I can make a small difference for our voices to be heard. We've had enough.
917 Sekwanele M.
916 Sonika M. This needs to stop. We can’t take it anymore. We want to be able to live in peace and not fear.
915 Thandazo M. How can we keep silent when we are being killed daily likely by those who should protect us... Enough is enough this has to end
914 Rotondwa N. I don't want innocent girls to suffer at the hands of filthy men and jealous friends
913 Louisa Theresa K.
912 Michel G. I want women and children to feel safe and BE safe. No one deserves to be mistreated. I hope to make a change.
911 Boiketlo M. I stand against GBV
910 Nolwazi S. I want to see a change in gbv and femocide stats in South Africa,I want to see progressive intervention from the community and the officials. I want women to live without fear,to be able to live freely without the constant possibility of being victimised by notorious men who belong behind prison walls but instead are protected by the system that is meant to protect women.
909 Evelyn F. Enough is enough
908 Cai P. Enough is enough.
907 Lerato M. I am a victim. I am tired
906 Thandolwethu T. I believe women should not live in constant fear every day of their lives!
905 Lesedi B. I am against GBV
904 Kgotlelelo S. I believe that those most vulnerable deserve to be protected
903 Geordy G. I need to feel comfortable walking to the shops alone.
902 Asanda J. We deserve to feel safe
901 Ikhutseng T. I’m tired of GBV # GBV must end Women and Child abuse must end!
900 Nicole P. Woman shouldnt worry about there safe when leaving the house
899 Hendrina K. I am a woman, enough is enough
898 N N. There needs to be change in our country.
897 Relebohile M.
896 Pearl M. My daughter's future
895 Dimpho S. I believe women and children deserve all the protection from the state. Our lives matter too. Loosing our lives in the hands of people who are meant to be our protectors is the biggest struggle we have to fight as women, we do not need a country that has injustices.
894 Mathomo M. I am signing because every being has a right to peace. This is a step forward in that direction
893 Buyisiwe M. Government to end gbv
892 Kara L. the gbv rates in South Africa is way to high and the government need to do something about it
890 Laylaa E.
889 Lebo R. I am tired of hearing/seeing RIP especially in females and I am tired of our sisters dying in such gruesome ways! Enough is enough
888 Ashleigh L. Sick and tired. Our state's lack of action isn't worth my life. We must call them out!!!
887 Sophie N. I'm against any form or abuse
886 Nelly l. As women we do not feel loved and safe in our relationship
885 Lihle N. I am a women in South Africa and I demand change. How long do we have to look over our shoulders.
884 Livhuwani M. Gender based violence has become very serious in our country which is South Africa and Africa as a whole and us female we’re living in fear …like anything can happen.gender violence must be stop .something must be done women and children are dying each and every day.
883 Nokulunga D. I am signing because I live in fear in and I want to be able to live in world that is safe and free and equal for women
882 Bryan V. GBV must be addressed!
881 Marrisha N.
880 Zolelwa L. I am a woman and do not feel safe at all times in my own country. Something needs to change!
879 Ellain V. I am signing because I want gender based violence to end. Those who have power abuse it, and since there is no serious repercussions the cycle of violence continues.
878 Dumisile N. I am signing because I am a woman. Am I next? Do I deserve to be beaten up to death because some person believes I deserve that!?
877 Kholofelo M.
876 Sinethemba M.
875 Bupe M.
874 Ferhensha G. I am against GBV! No more fear.
873 Sarah K.
872 Shana Y. I am a woman living in constant fear
871 Eat S. These people are lying to women
870 Mirna M. Enough is Enough
869 Anesipho P.
868 Heidi S.
867 Kuhle D.
866 Sohnal N.
865 Tara R. Women deserve to feel safe, women deserve justice, women deserve freedom, women deserve to be heard and seen. GBV in South Africa cannot keep occurring. People cannot keep turning a blind eye. FIGHT FOR OUR WOMEN AND CHILDREN.
864 Paxston D. I am a woman
863 Liyema B. I live for feminine liberation and I'm a social activist
862 Leilah G.
861 Savannah G. The pain and the suffering need to stop, South African government needs to take its women seriously!
860 Surprise M. I’m acting and advocating for an equal rights world order!
859 Daluthando M. I want to see change
858 Christilene K. I am signing to stop gender biased violence against women. More must be done to prosecute offenders. Tougher sentences to those found guilty. More support and safe havens for women suffering at the hands of abusive men. More social workers to help protect the children
857 Sarah H. I want to feel safe
856 Lerato M. I want to see change!
855 Kelly J.
854 Dalitso C.
853 Zimbili S.
852 Linda M. I am an activist against non-State torture, human trafficking, prostitution and femicide.
851 nokubonga M. Enough is Enough this has to stop
850 Fiona F.
849 Aaliyah N.
848 Seshiran G. I feel it ia right
847 Sandie H. All forms of abuse against women and children has got to stop! Patriarchy and the antiquated laws in SA needs to end!
846 Dylan I. I am a victim
845 Hannah C. I am signing because I want my sisters of this country to be safe, for justice to be taken and so that the children of this country may grow up in a safe, loving and healthy environment.
844 kaeli B. to help stop gender based violence
843 Senamile H. I'm signing this because women are living in constant fear of their loves
842 Kelly L. I am signing because I'm tired of living my life in constant fear as a woman in South Africa
841 Claire P. Gender based violence must end.
840 Kerin H.
839 Tanisha M.
838 Renecia P. I am signing because People think women are weak that we as women are targets for them to fed on even babies are being raped and killed and it shouldnt be like that
837 Sherazaad W. I want women to stand up for, seeing that our country ignores such things we can fight for a difference ourselves
836 Kelly-Ann M. I'm a woman who fear that I could be next or one of my siblings. We need change in south Africa we as women are not safe
835 Bronwen K. This is utterly unacceptable and needs to change immediately
834 Micaela R. I am a woman
833 Liza B. To bring an end to GBV
832 Simone M. I’m scared I will be next
831 Nicole P. We need urgent change in this country
830 Mbali N. Stop GBV!!! , we are tired enough is enough
829 Keenan C. Woman and children need more protection, then can’t keep living in fear
828 Emmalene R. I want an end to femicide! The sex trafficking in our country is a war against women and girls!
827 Carmen P. My sister is a victim of GBV. She is now brain damaged and her abuser has out her children out of her house as he tries to claim her assets. But also for all women of SA. I have a daughter, nieces etc. This has to stop!
826 Rebecca I. If women thrive, the world thrives
825 Raeesa C. AlI am signing this petition for every women, girl and lady that’s rights needs to be respected and protected. We all have a right to feel safe and empowered. This is our way to become empowered and strong like the women we are. We demand to be respected and protected
824 Jesse P. It’s needs to change
823 Megan P. I feel unsafe in a country with no justice and protection.
822 Ismat K. I want government to take action against GBV.
821 Kayla J. I’m sick of empty promises and demand change
820 philemon M. I am a man who wants to see and end to gender based violence
819 Berdene T.
818 Yusraa S. Enough is enough. As a woman, I'm tired of living in fear, done with seeing my sisters brutally murdered and no one being held accountable. It just seems to be getting worse and worse. It needs to end now
817 Palesa M. I am signing because we as women have been crying for help and this is long over due, if not now then when? We are not safe.
816 Joy-Mari B. As a woman I shouldn't be punished for being born in South Africa. Women will support women until the day we are no longer afraid to speak up to men.
815 Tk M.
814 Courtney L. I believe that GBV is a problem and drastic measures need to be put in place for the numbers to decrease.
813 Lameez D.
812 Fatima C. GBV has to end . Enough is enough women also have rights and need to be protected
811 Nicole M.
810 Maureen S.
809 Nathalie M. Im a part south african women and we all should be able to live a safe and free life, anywhere on this planet
808 Riley b. This is so crucial and needs to be addressed
807 Thuliwe K.
806 Sesona M.
805 Dominique W. I am a victim.
804 Diana F. I am signing because this is an issue that our government is not paying attention to
803 Precious M. Stop killing our people
802 Jane D. Gbv needs to stop
801 Prishaniee N. We need this to end. We can no longer live in fear every second of our lives.
800 Dimpho M.
799 Tebello S. I am signing because I am a woman living in South Africa who is sick and tired of seeing my sisters getting murdered while the government does nothing to help us.
797 Taryn W.
796 Akhira P. I refuse to live in fear any longer . #womenarethefuture
795 Monique R. Gender based violence needs to stop!!!
794 Lazelle C. I want the women of South Africa to feel and be safe and I want to an end to gender based violence.
793 Lornah M. I don't feel safe walking by myself on the streets, i question every man i meet along the road, asking myself whether he is a rapist or not, or rather am i safe in this space m sharing with him.
792 Courtney A. Because I am a female! Who lives in fear of what may happen every corner I take walking on Cape Town! We must take a stand !
791 Yandiswa M. I want freedom. I'm tired of living under oppression. I am tired of being subjected to violence because of my gender.
790 Elaine S. I want change and I don't want to feel scared of what my 3 little girls future will be like if we let gbv continue. #timesup we are strong, we can stip this. We are strong enough to stand up and fight agains anyone who abuse us or our kids.
789 Sadeck C. I want this scourge on women to end
788 George M. Something has to be done
787 Sarah H. I am sick of feeling afraid when I am on my own running; walking; shopping; driving at night; walking to my car in a parking lot. These are just a few examples.
786 Sabrina V.
785 Samantha D.
784 Haylene S. Femicide needs to be stopped
783 Wendy N. I am a woman living in South Africa and I have never felt safe even in my own home.
782 Luaren M. I want to stop this violation
781 Georgia H. I want gender based violence to end
780 Kimberly F. GBV in South africa needs to come to an end. Women and children need to feel safe in their home land.
779 D'xien P. IT IS TIME!
778 Kim W. I am tired of seeing out children, women, the Gay, people who is proud of to be who they are and get killed for it. It needs to STOP!!! I am ready to stand up for this and fight!!
777 Makgabo M. I support the initiative
776 Lesego N. I want to put a stop to femicide. I want to exist without fear
775 Kesarr K.
774 Nonsikelelo N. For change
773 Danique K. GBV MUST END!
772 Jessica B. GBV needs to end!
771 Michayla C. I am signing because the horrific crimes against women in south africa have to come to an end!
770 Erin G.
769 Archal A. I believe in the rights for equality and the end of GBV
768 cassidy E.
767 Amahle N.
766 Leerisha P. I am a woman and GBV has to end now, we need justice for our fallen angels.
765 Buntle M.
764 Kirsty M. I’d like to run / walk in the street without being afraid
763 Donna Khethiwe N. I'm a woman and I'm not tryina die at the hands of a man
762 Kristin S.
761 Tlhologelo K. GBV is a serious pandemic in our country. There needs to be decisive action to against this scourge. This isn't life
760 Keneilwe M. We need change
759 Tesrielle A. GBV has been an issue for way to long and we need to come together to put an end to it.
758 Tiffany-ann D. I am a victim of GBV and if change does not take place in this country then there will be many more victims
757 Nicole B. I am signing because femicide deserves the same amount of attention that Covid gets.
756 Roelien G.
755 Nicole S. As women we deserve to feel safe and not having to worry about constantly making sure about our surroundings
754 Christel P. I am signing because we need a safe world for women and children
753 Joelle L. GBV needs to end!
752 Katrijn R. I want to feel safe in our beautiful country
751 Thabelo S.
750 Kurishka K. I am signing because no-one should live in fear.
749 Aidan B. I want women around the world (especially in South Africa) to no longer feel unsafe
748 Shaista L.
747 Rushdia S. I was once a victim of emotional, mental and financial abuse, Its is time all our voices are heard & it is time for justice for those who are no longer here on this earth. Our women are the pillars of humanity, we will demand justice and the right to be who we are!
746 Mbalenhle C. I want change regarding gender based vilolence
745 Seema L. I want dignity and safety for all women
744 Silke B.
743 Fathima Al Zahra C. Because I do not accept violence against woman and child
742 Thaakira S.
741 Jayant V.
740 Faseegah D. Women deserve freedom and safety !
739 Mbali M. I am signing because I am tired of seeing women being murdered everyday and there is no justice being served. Bring back the death penalty.
738 Jennifer T. we need action from the government ! GBV in SA is out of hand!
737 Lungile M. I don't wanna have to live in a society where I am afraid to walk down the street.
736 Leesandra B. We need justice
735 Kirsty D.
734 Tammy-Lee V. Something has to be done about Gender Based Violence, and urgently
733 Asona T. I want justice for lona
732 Nande S. GBV requires urgent action from policymakers; anything to bring light to this pandemic is a necessary action from one of us.
731 Nhlanhla M. To hell with Gender Based Violence
730 Nokuthula M.
729 Michelle M. GBV needs to stop. And as a women and a mother I need to somehow try and make a difference for my daughters
728 Tumelo N. I want change and harsher laws for abusers
727 Sue I. I want a safer world for my daughter
726 Danielle A. I am tired of being scared of living in my own country and because this evil needs to stop!!!! There's a war on women, children and LGBT!
725 Khalida M. No woman or child should live in fear.
724 Katlego M. I was sexually molested and I need to stop
723 Karla B. The way my country treats women embarrasses and hurts me.
722 Challotte M. I am tired of reading about woman that are assaulted and murdered everyday in South Africa. I am leaving in fear that whenever I leave my house I might never return
721 Mandisa M. I'm a woman in South Africa, and I want to live
720 Tanya S. Enough is enough. We have a right to live our lives in peace.
719 Nolwandle S. I am a woman and enough is enough. We are not animals, we are not supposed to be hunted and forever fearful of the danger that lies in every man we stand next to or say hello to.
718 Wendy I. It's a crisis...and the government needs to take this seriously and stop just talking about doing something and take the proper, necessary action. Women can't be murdered every single day in this country!.
717 Mandi H. I dream of living in a country where women don’t need to be afraid of GBV.
716 Jody B. I am signing for change
715 Setlabocha P.
714 Sasha M. We’re all tired.
713 Nelsy M. I'm devasted with the soaring high levels of women abuse
712 Thando N. I'm a woman in South Africa
711 Chanell A. I am also a victim of abuse, my mother is a victim of abuse, my sister is a victim of abuse. Too many lives are lost. This ends now!
710 Shannon L. This has to stop!!! Children and women are murdered everyday and nothing is being done about it!
709 Ilva d. There needs to be change!
708 Ndivho T.
707 Sandisiwe L. I want change for every female and for the future generations. We've been talking but nothing is done.
706 W M. Enough is Enough. I stand strongly against femicide and GBV. We're tired of living out of fear.
704 Nzeka B. Enough is Enough
703 Mulondi M. I hate Gender based violence!! I really do!
702 Tania G. Woman and children are at risk
701 Amy M. I want to feel safe in my own country
700 Pauline C.
699 Shazia E.
698 Janine B. We need drastic change because we as women are living in fear.
697 Diana B. I’m a Mother and I’m afraid for my daughters
696 Christelene C. I believe every single woman should be protected, regardless of age, race or class. It is time we defend and protect already. This has been going on for far too long and will no longer be tolerated. Women deserve to feel safe in every aspect of their lives.
695 Lucy A. We are SICK of empty promises and lip service with no action. We want tangible actions!!!
694 Katlego N.
693 Chantel R. Save our women and children! What are you waiting for? More deaths??? Our criminal justice systm is a huge failure. Fix it!!!
692 Carin S. I stand strongly against femicide &GBV
691 Zamokuhle M.
690 Ayomide G. I want to fight for the women in my country!
689 Megs K. I have a daughter & I'm sick of this gov doing nothing eventhough they pretend to care. They pretend to be actively adding to the change yet it's just to please people in the media.
688 Zizipho M. I want change
687 Philippa D.
686 Tshidi S. I support the course
685 D L. I am a suviver of Domestic abuse and still fighting my case after my abuser appealed the order against him.
684 Anthony F. It’s the right thing to do
683 Lizet R.
682 Amahle N.
681 Bhavish S.
680 Wandile W. I am tired of commenting rest in power. Women and girls deserve to live without constant fear that their existence is enough of threat to be killed.
679 Monique C. Woman need to be protected now more than ever.they need to feel safe in a Country that is soo beautiful.
678 Ally M. Enough is enough!
677 Ntando K. Enough is enough!
676 Unathi B. Women deserve to feel safe and secured. We have been begging for change yet still, not a lot has been done.
675 Kyle R. W have to end GBV
674 Ronel S. We need to see our leaders honour their word by implementing the laws and policies they talk
673 Tracy M. Enough is enough
672 wanjiku n. help put an end to gbv in anyway i can
670 Yamkela L. I just want to feel safe as a young girl in south Africa
669 Maggie D. I am tired of seeing a new article/post everyday about GBV and the cruel ways women are being raped and killed. It’s heartbreaking and traumatic.
668 Dilshad T. I care
667 Siphelele N. I need it to end!!
666 Karla W. I want change
665 Julia S. This is a travesty and a desperately sad indictment of the culture of our country.
664 Kathleen E.
663 Alex B. We need to stop GBV
662 Amanda M. I am signing because I am AGAINST people that abuse and kill children and women!
661 Mandi M.
660 Phylicia H. I want change!
659 Kim K. This needs to stop! Boys at young ages are already learning this nonsense, why are we not teaching our boys to be better!!
658 Mariaan A.
657 Nina G. I'm a women tired of living in fear
656 Lee-Graca P. GBV is wrong and it must stop!
655 Zita R. GBV needs to stop.
654 Imeal B. I am signing because I am against GBV and I'm fed up of seeing women by murdered and sexually assaulted
653 Monique W. I am a survivor of rape & abuse.
652 Taryn D. I am tired of the scourge of GBV and hearing horrific stories of violence against women and children
651 Sandy S. Time has come for men to respect women instead of resorting to cowardly violence
650 Nicola v.
649 Bianca P. This is so important to me
648 Alexa E. For the state to finally implement the changes it said it would against GBV.
647 Tsholofelo M. Gender Based Violence needs to stop. I'm tired of living in fear!
646 Hlomla H. How many times can we sit back and do nothing as women are brutally murdered at the ends of men. Not to mention the many more who are harassed and held to a double standard on a daily basis.
645 Ndlovukazi N. I'm hurt and the perpetrators need life sentence...we cant keep quiet while this bullism continues no no
644 Lusaso M. Want to see change
643 Suraksha M. I am a woman with a voice & I will fight for those who are unable to fight for themselves in this moment!
642 Nat S. We need change
641 Rozanne M. I am signing because enough is enough! I am taking a stand against against Gender Based Violence, I am taking a stand for women, with women.
640 Nicole C. GBV needs to be prioritised and changes need to be implemented by the South African government.
639 Jacqueline N. I literally have no more words left to describe the anger that is inside of me because of what the world is doing to women
638 Mpuseng M. I want the government to take action against GBV
637 Kyara B. I constantly have to be afraid of what might happen to me when I leave my home. Or if the women in my life are safe when they leave their homes. I live in a country whereby individuals that did not bring me to this world, believe they have the right to take it away from me.
636 Naledi M. The government is doing absolutely nothing to protect us women and punish all the perpetrators.
635 Nive D.
634 Katleho D. I am a feminist
633 Zezam G. I don't support violence against women and children and I think the men must be stopped immediately because the country is already dealing with a lot.
632 Cassidy L. I am a woman and wouldn't want to be another statistic
631 Kirsten H. I'm sick and tired of being scared! I'm sick and tired of GBV not being taken seriously
630 Julianne A. This madness must stop
629 Meg K. I want my daughter to walk the streets safely!
628 Blessing N. Change needs to happen
627 Pabi M. End GBV!!!
626 Julia N. I am a woman in South Africa and my life every day is in danger. It needs to stop!
625 Jenny P. It's been too long
624 Kaylee K.
623 Rowena K. I want to make a change
622 Loren J. I am signing because our government is useless
621 Allison B.
620 Tracey G. I want my daughters growing up without the fear that constantly shrouds my existence as a woman. And my children to be allowed to be children without fear of them being of an innocent existence
619 Musa N. GBV needs to come to an end
618 Victoria O. I have had enough of the heightened state of alert that women have to live in every day. Not able to walk alone, walking to the car with keys between her fingers, having loved ones on speed dial, afraid to sleep. Enough is enough.
617 Merryl K. Endemic GBV is a scourge on the entire country. Government has a duty towards its citizens to prioritize to stop this brutal war.
616 Prelene S. End GBV
615 Rachael T. Change needs to happen
614 Hannah W. I’m tired of fearing for my life & mourning the ones that are constantly being lost
613 Zendre C. Society needs to do more to protect the rights of women and children to live without fear of GBV
612 Rae A.
611 Marcell d. Change is important. We need meaningful change
610 Alexia M. All the women in me are exhausted
609 Natanya I. I want GBV to END!!
608 Shireen V. I'm tired of hearing women and children being raped and killed.
607 Fee W. I want my Daughter to be able to walk down the street and feel safe
606 Deborah T. Women and children need to stop dying
605 Safiyya B.
604 Robyn B. I want to be safe as a disabled female in our country.
603 Nicole G. I want my son to grow up respecting women and my daughter to grow up, being respected
602 Bryan N. I want to help to bring change, and I'm tired of adding more problems instead of helping to provide solutions. Enough is enough
601 Lukhanya T. I am tired of hearing that a girl/woman had passed away because of being who they are,I am furious! I want to see change!
600 Vaisshnavi H. No one should have to live in fear that they will be the next victim of GBV, something needs to change
599 Gina W. The women of South Africa deserve better. We need change. Women and children need to be protected. This needs to stop for my daughter, my mother, my sister, my friend, for me, for all of us!
598 Mari H. I was physical, emotional and verbal abused my ex husband
597 Banele Shaun M. I want to end GBV
596 Shahraine S. We need change!
595 Glen O.
593 Rehana M. women and children need their lives and rights protected,
592 Nokwakha N. I want gender based violence against women and children to be eradicated
591 Suzanne K. GBV NEEDS TO STOP
590 ofentse M. I agree with the reason that this petition was created for
589 Katherine M. I am a woman, and mother to a girl child
588 Genevieve P.
587 Rene B. I don't want my daughter to live in a country where she is targeted because she is a woman
586 Adam P. Women deserve better
585 Taneal O. I am a statistic but don't want my niece's to be
584 Fiona P. I believe that changes need to be made
583 Jane G.
582 Dominique B. Women for change
581 Caitlin D.
580 Rethabile M. I'm a woman and we don't feel safe in our country
579 Dawn P. Because women alone keep quiet so we will be their voice
578 Lerato M. End GBV
577 Jenny V.
576 Miche J.
575 Natalie G. I am a woman
574 Debbie B. This Pandemic needs to be addressed by our Government NOW
573 Sunveer H. Good cause.
572 Trish R.
571 Ponani M. Am I next !! Because am a victim
570 Najma k. This GBV and crime in this country needs to stop!!!!! Bring back the death penalty!
569 Leon C. We need to take femicide in our country seriously and implement the necessary changes to make our mothers, sisters, wives & daughters feel safe!
568 Lauren L. Women and children are an endangered species in South Africa!
567 Deon B. I am singing because not doing something would be just as big a crime!
566 Carma-Jade K. No women should be in fear of being murdered or raped or abused.
565 Neo P. the state can prioritise GBV and implement the changes
564 Dyhaan O. we have to protect our queens
563 Marli U. I want to feel safe in my own country as a woman
562 Zanele B. I feel unsafe leaving my home and scared for my mom and sister everyday at the hands of the men in this country
561 Kavini G. Change is NEEDED!!
560 Paula Q. Abuse of any form is unacceptable and goes against our basic human rights.
559 Cyanne N. i am signing because i am a woman in this society that is a victim of gbv and domestic violence, i just want to be able to wake up one day and feel safe
558 Logan Kim W. I stand against GBV and change is needed!
557 Amanda T. I am signing this because women deserve feel safe in the
556 Belinda L. I am tired of seeing my sisters die.
555 Motlase M. I stand against GBV and want to help bring about change in South Africa.
554 Chael V. Because I believe in Human Decency and equality.
553 Hafsa D. This issue needs to be addressed ASAP by our government
552 Rourke V. I cant believe I need a reason to sign a petition against GBV. Fuck. This country (and the world) is a shambles and we should all be ashamed by how our government handles, controls, and prosecutes those guilty of these crimes.
551 Scott P. I am signing because I would like to change implemented by the government to allow the women of South Africa to live freely without fear of gender based violence
550 Nontsabelo N. I need GBV to stop and Justice to be served.
549 Nonhle M. I agree
548 Koketjo M. Enough is Enough
547 Kim-Jeanne R. We deserve better, enough is enough!!!
546 Kelly C. Enough is enough
545 Dylan G.
544 Laura-Jane c. of all the women in our country♡
543 Nqobile R. Enough is enough!!
542 Bronwen B. I should have the right to feel safe when I leave my home. I should have the right to feel safe in my own home. Murderers & rapists should never see the light of day. The law should be on the side of the victims & NOT the criminals
541 Daina N. Because i am a woman
540 Victor Patrick M. I am gay male and I support the struggle
539 Jodi C. Enough is enough!
538 M V. I don't want to be next
537 Roslyn A. I want my daughters, mother, gran, friends and I to feel save in our own homes and in public spaces . Right now we do not!
536 Evvy S. I shouldn’t have to explain why women require protection. It should be a given!!!
535 Harriet D. Stop violence against women and children
534 Keeyashni M.
533 Nizreen B. Because I'm a victim
532 Carla N. End GBV
531 Zinhle M.
530 Chanel K.
529 Lesedi T. Against GBV
528 Qaasim I. I believe together we can stop this
527 Dominique C.
526 Andile M. To play my part against GBV
525 Naledi M. The issue of GBV in our country continues to progress and we see no active call and action for change. Its time that women in this country are able to feel protected and safe.
524 Brenda H. Every woman is loved by someone. Not just a statistic. Everyday there is news of someone else dying at the hands of men. It needs to end.
523 Shené S. I am sick and tired of being terrified for myself and my daughters and my family and every single woman and child living in this country where men treat us like they hate us
522 Charlene R. GBV is the silent killer, women dying daily at the hands of their partners and yet, the NSP is still in draft.
521 Ntsiki M. Enough is enough
520 Tshego M.
519 Kay-lee S. I am a woman
518 Sarah E. Gender based violence should no longer have to be a constant worry and threat to women
517 Veronica M. I was abused before and im against it 100%
516 Ashanti M. I am a women in South Africa and if this petition achieves it’s goal i will live in a safer South Africa
515 Lerato M. I care about the women and children of my country
514 Michaela J. I am a woman, I'd like to protect my sisters, mothers and children, my brothers and fathers. No one deserves gbv. Not a single soul.
513 Thuso T. I am so tired of these senseless killing, it is enough!
512 Bronwen F. No one should have to live in fear of being attacked in any way. This country need to make examples out of these cruel heartless people who commit any crime. Let's turns SA around so we can be proud of the way we look after our people.
511 Sharron v.
510 Zia H. The government and state needs to prioritise the gbv and femicide pandemic in South Africa! No progress has been shown since President Ramaphosa’s speech.
509 Hasina K. Women deserve to be safe and protected.
508 Sanchia S.
507 Marlene D. If we keep quiet we are enabling it
506 Sue G.
505 Keegan m. I'm against femicide
504 Sophie G. I want to feel safe
503 Atlehang M. I am against the GBV and enough is enough
502 Gqami M. I’m tired of wondering if i’m next
501 Rebecca M. I want change
500 Tarryn B. i have been a victim of GBV and it needs to end
499 sydney k. the fact that this petition has to exist scares me
498 Mapula M. I want to stop GBV
497 Emma M. I am WOMEN
496 Jessica C. I want a change to happen to help protect worm.
495 Kiasha N. To end GBV
494 juanita p.
493 Gerrard D.
492 Vanessa F. I’ve had enough
491 Bridgette D. I am a woman
490 Mika S. I want to
489 Portia R. I want an end to femicide, GBV, and child abuse
488 Danielle B. Women and children need change!
487 Krystle K. I live in fear as a woman in SA
486 Uthika N.
485 Schae H. It’s time for REAL change
484 Tamara R.
483 Chad H. Real men protect our women and make them feel safe not the other way around
482 Berta E. Of the above. This has gone too far for too long!!!!
481 Joshua D.
480 Beverly W. Enough is enough! Stop sexual offenders and murderers in their tracks!
479 Elmay v. I am a woman & fearvfor myblife, but more for my 2 daughter's lives!
478 skyelar b.
477 Kuhle M. I am totally against GBV. It saddens me to wake up on so many RIP of young Girls
476 Damian C. Women and children have the right to safe in South Africa
475 Mahdiyyah P. for all the women and children out there
474 Siphosomzi M. For Women and children
473 Tshepiso M. I am signing for the immediate intervention in change in eradicating GBV in South Africa. Enough is Enough!
472 Kayla V. I am a woman living in South Africa. I am scared of the men in my country and would lie if I say that it is comfortable to walk outside past guys without any fear.c
471 Ayoub H.
470 Esther M. I'm signing because I am a victim of gender based violence. How many more women in South Africa should have to say this?
469 Azraa S.
468 Lisbeth M. I want justice for her
467 Ammaarah S. Women deserve to live life the way they want without having to always be alert for any danger. Women should be able to walk, run, shop, and even sleep without having to worry if they are next.
466 Israel B. Im sick of femicide!
465 Lauren S. No one should live in fear. Protect those that need protecting, make the change!
464 Kayla B. I'm against GBV
463 Jessica M. Woman and child are not safe and we need to feel safe
462 Rashiqah B.
461 Hlumelo T. Women deserve better!!
460 Kayley J. I am signing because as a female of SA I want to feel safe and I want my fellow female friends to feel safe as well. GBV is a big issue that no one in government is paying attention to, they can pay attention to stealing money but not creating a better and safer SA for its people. Quite pathetic really.
459 Robyn I. Women deserve better.
458 Ridhaa B. I support this
457 Merlyn S. Why is this even happening
456 Nondumiso M. Women who are murdered
455 Tiisetso T. I deserve to live a life without fearing for my life.
454 Carlyn F. Women need protection
453 Sibuyiselo S. GBV should end!
452 Zenia L.
451 Gabriella V. I am a South African woman tired of gender based violence being so desensitized in our country
450 Gordon C. This pandemic can not continur
449 Amaarah M.
448 Caitlin O. I believe it is time the government steps up and assumes responsibility for their country.
447 Ryan T. Feminicide in south Africa needs to be put to a stop.
446 Emaan P.
445 Leah D.
444 Marisa v.
443 Meshack N. I no to gender base violence
442 Chris P. Gender based violence in South Africa is out of control and should be stopped immediately
441 Thabiso S. Womxn and children have so long been in the background. It's times like these we need to stand together and equate rights for people from all walks of life
440 Mandy C.
439 El N. Gbv aint it
438 Aimee O. I’m a woman and a human. This needs to end.
437 Carmen V. Change is needed!
436 Jessica D.
435 Kerishan P.
434 Marshni P.
433 Marcus Z. I'm signing because men cannot keep believing that they are superior to women and that their abuseof women will go unchallenged.
432 Nicole M.
431 Qhama M. As a female I, too, want to feel the security men feel in school, workplaces, etc. I want to be able to walk down the street without having to constantly look over my shoulder. Too many sisters have become just statistics of this particular pandemic(GBV), our government only acknowledges that GBV exists but have done nothing evident to protect the women in our country.
430 Sadyna P. I strongly believe in it.
429 Sixolile D. The state needs to put more urgency on the GBV agenda and implement laws that will help reduce the death toll associated with GBV
428 Lauren S. As a female engineer, I am tired of the abuse women in my industry face
427 Brene W. A big no for woman and children abuse we want change.
426 Natasha S.
425 Liza S. I'm tired of seeing my sisters die and not justice being served.
424 Masego G. Justice must be served
423 Matthew R. Women deserve the government to give a explicit word
422 Nash W. I am signing this petition because south africa has done nothing to protect its women
421 Busiswa K. I want Justice for Lona
420 Ashante M.
419 Ushenka N.
418 Ryette D.
417 Leah C. It breaks my heart that this is still happening and has always happened
416 Dieudonneé D. I am signing because I don't want to live in fear just because I am a woman living in South-Africa. I believe that changes can be made and that is why I am signing this petition.
415 Emma N.
414 Zoe B. I am signing for all the women who are not able to speak about what men have done to them.
413 Bernadette v. I am a woman that worry for myself, and the other women and children that live in this country. More needs to be done. Actions speak louder than words.
412 Candice T. I am tired of no justice. I am tired of seeing my fellow women being murdered and assaulted each day. We need change, we need action.
411 Zelda L. People should not live in fear.
410 Desirè D. We all are Her. We should stand in unity.
409 Tasmin P. Women need to feel safe in their own country and not drown in fear.
408 Sandhya H.
407 Ella V. This has gone on for too long! We need change!
406 Bongiwe M. I am tired of people killing others. It hurts. We need to take a stand against monsters that has no humanity in them
405 Michaela V. I am a woman afraid to live in my own country, fearing that there is a higher chance of me getting raped than there is for me to get employed.
404 Darrian H.
403 Louisa P.
402 Faith M. I am signing because I am a woman who demands change.
401 Leonardo S. Nothing has progressed and I believe it has worsen.
400 Rhiannon D.
399 Samantha N.
398 Lulutho M. I want the government to take a stand on GBV , tighten the laws surrounding it .
397 Chelsea Jade W. I am against GBV
396 Niyaad B.
395 Kelzia P. I am signing because I am a protester against G.B.V I dont like too see our mothers,sisters nd daughters getting killed
394 Boitumelo M. I believe in the cause
393 Mila M. I demand action from the government to address GBV in SA and for effective policies and regulations to be implemented. We as the Women and Children in this country are suffering because of the incompetence of this government and its lack of priority on this issue.
392 Nikita P. I believe it’s an important issue to be taken seriously. As a woman who’s been through this kind of trauma I strongly believe it has to be taken WAY MORE SERIOUSLY
391 Mariska V. Females are the future get with the program
390 Chervon K. For the woman!!
389 Yuvthi M. i am woman, and i am tired of seeing other women, children and LGBTQ people suffer at the hands of men
388 Victoria W. An issue with women's safety and health and rights in one place around the world, is an issue for all women everywhere
387 Inga T. women have suffered enough thus there should be change for women and children, we can't walk around freely without questioning our surroundings ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!
386 Sibabalwe Y. End GBV
385 Khuliso S. Enough is Enough..we are tired GBV needs to b taken serious
384 Moratuwa K. I'm tired of GBV
383 Nicole L. Enough is Enough
382 Vuyo M.
381 Angie J. GBv needs to be taken seriously in our country. Our women are being raped and killed and nothing is being done about it.
380 Kriya H. Action needs to be taken so women can feel safe again
379 Kholo G. GBV is getting out of hand, no one should continue to go through what victims and survivors of GBV have went through
378 Nikiwe M. I am signing because I believe that there should be harsher consequences for GBV and rape perpetrators. I’m tired of hearing about women dying in the hands men, I’m tired of hearing stories of rape and harassment. I feel unsafe in my country.
377 Sibabalwe B. I am against GBV
376 Esther K. I want GBV to end and active participation from the government helping to stop it
375 Schanel O. Violence against woman must stop. So many woman are suffering
374 Chantel F. I am a Mother, I am an ex wife & I am a God fearing proud South African
373 Smangaliso M. I am tired of the way women are suffering and it's like we are doing nothing to help because everything is always blamed on them...
372 Mouna A. change to women and children
371 Maxi V. We must fight every day against violence. I want a better world.
370 Katy T.
369 Banele M. I want GBV to be taken as a priority in our country,for it not to be talked about only when its womans month or when the news see that the story will sell.
368 Danielle V. I am signing because the government is not doing enough to protect its woman and children
367 Nomvuyo M.
366 Mads K. Thousands of women die every day and noone does anything about it. The hatred of women in this country is real and they don't feel safe at all.
365 Elmien V. I am against GBV and have been a victim myself.
364 Milette R. Somebody needs to stand up for it!
363 Kgoshi I. I am human we all are
362 Jade J. I want women to live without fearing for their lives everyday
361 NATALIE V. I am a woman and a mom of a daughter and want to stand up for women in SA and worldwide
360 Mbali Precious S. Justice for my sisters murder the system failed her
359 Lynette K. We need change
358 Sydney D. This is important!
357 Brady T. I am against GBV!
356 Nicole C. Everyone should be able to live without fear of being attacked
355 Melanie Z.
354 Roxanne U. I want a safer South Africa for my future daughters
353 Katlego K. I support women and what happened disgusts me
352 Kathija A.
351 Gerail A. I stand against GBV and Femicide.
350 Shane S. I am a woman living in South Africa, I have loved ones living in South Africa and we may all be victims of GBV if the government doesnt work to protect us.
349 Asemahle M. Justice
348 Mia G. I am tired...
347 Dennis S. I represent an organisation called Men Stand Tall and we're against GBV and any unjust practice by men.
346 Natasha A. I have a daughter and i would want this to happened to so i'm taking the first steps to protect her from this cruel world
345 Danielle G. Women deserve to feel safe
344 John B. GBV NEEDS TO STOP!!!!
343 Danielle K. I want change in our country
342 Caitlin D. I am a survivor of a crime that shouldn’t be so easy to get away with . We need harsher justice systems
341 Nabila E. Change is long overdue! Women and children deserve to feel safe, supported and valued.
340 Tanya V. Enough is enough
339 Tyla Jade W. Enough is Enough.
338 Tertia V. I am tired of seeing all the women killed daily, wondering if I/my daughters am next
337 Renè K. I am signing because i want women to be safe and protected in south africa
336 Jan Wilhelm V. I am signing because women/womxn in SA should be able to live without the fear of the atrocities that men in this country throw at them daily.
335 Nonkululeko H.
334 Tammy V. Women deserve to feel safe. We have to stand up against GBV
333 Danielle B. Because no one should ever have to be a victim of GBV
332 Alice M. I believe there needs to be a change for women in this country!!!
331 Zanele M.
330 Bonolo M. I want this gender base violence to end so that we as women can also live in peace
329 Aaliyah J. I am signing because, I am so tired of seeing and hearing our women and children being raped and killed by the hands of a man.
328 Fernanda D. I was a victem........no more
327 Sophie M. Want justice for Lona
326 Rethabile M. It’s about time there is intervention in the killing of women and children
325 Amy-lee B. Women and girls deserve better. We deserve the basic human right that is safety. We deserve to love freely and do whatever we want without the fear of men doing something to harm us. Women need to be protected!
324 Mixi B. I have experienced injustice. I was raped and went to report it but the police refused to talk to me.
323 Reshoketswe L. For every women that has lost their lives in South Africa and no proper action was taken to serve them the justice they deserve. I am signing for my sisters and I who are in danger of becoming possible victims.
322 Nomfundo N. I am signing because South African women's lives and safety matter. I demand change.
321 Cayla L.
320 Liza v. Stop GBV
319 Joe-Ann L. I live in fear everyday that I will be attacked again. We as women in SA have the right to not live in fear all the time.
318 Zoliswa b. I'm signing I'm tired of GBV I WANT CHANGE
317 Rose B. Sick and tired of Gender based violence!!!
316 Amogelang N. A change needs to happen, and it needs to happen NOW. Enough is enough the government needs to take accountability. How long must we suffer.
315 Eden D. Want to be a voice for the voiceless + living in fear that I am next
314 Seipati P. I will stand against GBV and support all the victims
313 Candice m.
311 Tamsin R.
310 Ntando M. Femicide is a huge issue in this country. At this point we need more than well-worded speeches from our leaders. We need change!
309 Farron E.
308 Farai Emily G. I am a woman and have a daughter. One day it could be me or her. We need a safer South Africa for our children.
307 Nomvula Q. The NSP on Gender Based violence must be implemented at all cost to save Womenx in this country
306 Lucy M. I am tired and hurt of GBV
305 Monique K. I am sick of reading about daily rapes and murders of our women and children! I feel like a prisoner in my own country living in constant fear!
304 Bongekile M. I support women and kids who have been abused
303 Rebecca P.
302 Licalle I. I would like to see actually on being taken the ensure that for once again our women can feel safe and fair justice is being served.
301 Yasmeen K. GBV is becoming a pandemic in South Africa with little or no interest of intervention by the Government
300 Heather A. I am a woman and I have a daughter...we could be next
299 Sude-Ann M. I am signing because the amount of women being killed and abused in South - Africa is extremely absurd and very upsetting and this need to stop. We are crying and pleading as women of this country for a solution to this pandemic of Gender based voilence in our country and we need a serious intervention.
298 Khosi T. We need change
297 Minah R. I can't stand what women and young children go through. Enough is enough
296 Bianca M. Although I live in The Netherlands, SA is my home and I cannot let our women continue to suffer like this.
295 Shenel S.
294 Lethabo J. Enough is enough. We've lost our loved ones to GBV and it needs to stop.
293 Sarita N.
292 ASANELE N. Because justice must be seved for her death
291 Carolw D. Time to say enough is enough We need action and not just words
290 Shannon J. shannonjagers1@gmail.com
289 Jacqui B. I am a rape survivor.
288 Robyn W.
287 Andiswa M. I don't feel safe in South Africa
286 Naidine S. We need to see action from Government. Our women and children are not safe!
285 Talia M.
284 Helena R.
283 Karen H.
282 Veron P.
281 Marisse N. I stand for women’s rights
280 Nonjabulo M. I want all woman in South Africa and around the world to feel safe and protected
279 Maki T. I am tired of loosing my fellow sisters daily as the result of GBV.
278 Viwe M. I’m a woman, a mother to many girls and live in SA where GBV is rising in such a high rate and I am no
277 Mimi F. This crime against women and girls must stop.
276 Maryna N. I'm all so a woman and care for my friends
275 Robyn W. I want justice for our women and children! I want people who commit these crimes to be given heavier punishment. This is unacceptable!! We live in a country where we as women feel unsafe and it's not ok. It's not ok to allow rapists to walk around freely. Don't wait until it happens to your family member or your friend. ACTION NEEDS TO BE TAKEN.. AND NOW!
274 Brandon P. Something has to be done urgently to adress this senseless killings of our women and children
273 Georgia C. I am signing because I am a female in South Africa and I want to feel safe for once.
272 Wumauathie P. This terrible behavior has to end
271 Nicole M. As a rape victim, and a woman in general, I'm sick and tired of literally ALWAYS being at risk of being sexually assaulted and/or murdered. The men in this country have way too much power and I'm tired of it. It's time for much needed change.
270 Ashleigh L. I have to fight for my rights and the rights of all women because the people in power don’t care enough to make real change
269 Melissa v.
268 Joyce N. I want justice I want change
267 Zahraa S. South Africa needs to improve the action that they are taking on GBV. what they are doing right now, which is close to nothing, is not enough and completely unacceptable. We need more. We need justice. We need to be free from the fear of being the next victim.
266 Melissa A. I care
265 Margail B.
264 Kat A. We need no DEMAND change and safety for our women and children.
263 Nashma J. I am signing this because GBV needs to end!!!
262 Aisha A.
261 Karen S. This must stop NOW
260 Charnell V.
259 Lynnson S.
258 Nikayla B. I am a woman
257 Alexandra M.
256 Miecke S. This country is ridiculous. HOLD THE RAPISTS AND MURDERERS ACCOUNTABLE!
255 Monique H. I believe that laws should be stronger but it should also be enforced. What often is stated on paper is not our reality and we need to change that
254 Shanice H. We need to promptly address GBV and femicide in South Africa
253 Chaunte F. I believe in equal rights for woman
252 Ayo T. Enough is enough!
251 Emmanuelle M. I am signing because i’m sick of seeing the beautiful face of a dead south african woman and child on my instagram feed every day. This isn’t normal, this isn’t right and this isn’t acceptable. I’m signing this because no woman or child should have to fear for their life daily and fear the men (and women) that have sworn to protect them.
250 Kayla Jade S. I want to make a difference & stand up for GBV
249 KAMVELIHLE M. I want justice to be served for all victims.
248 Jaimie D. The state of GBV in our country is appalling. Those who are oppressed suffer at alarming rates by the hands of their oppressor/s and enough is enough!
247 Samiksha S. We need the Government to take action and stop GBV
246 Yonwaba F. Justices
245 Nomvula C. I am signing because needs to be put to a stop we are humans killing each other we cant find safety anymore we all have the right to life what did we do wrong to be killed like dogs even dogs dont get killed like this it needs to STOP
244 Clarence T. To protect the dignity and freedom of women and children
243 Nonhlanhla N. There needs to be change
242 JayDean W. jaydeanwitbooi6@gmail.com
241 Merisca M.
240 Sata L. GBV has reached crisis mode in South Africa and it breaks my heart every time I see a new article about an unnecessary death of a woman or child. The government needs to prioritize this ASAP. Woman and children need to feel safe again in their own homes, neighborhoods and country
239 Alexi M. I fear for the women in my life, in this country
238 Amelia M.
237 Jodie W. Enough is enough
236 Tendanii M. I stand for the rights of women!
235 Col H. I am tired of the mindless violence
234 Soné V. I am a woman looking for change and protection
233 Nthabi N. I stand together with woman and children in the fight against GBV
232 Jessica M. I stand together with women against GBV
231 Nicole A. I want to see a change,I want Government to put actions to their promises to protect Women in South Africa and I want women’s rights to be taken seriously.
230 Deidrè H. I will continue to fight until GBV is taken seriously in our country!
229 Gontlafetse S.
228 Payton S. I will not be next
227 Shornay C.
226 Nazley M. We need change in this country. As women we can no longer keep quiet we need to rise up and fight for those who came before us and those who will come after us. We can't allow future generations to live through what we are living through we have to make it better for ourselves and our future daughters or sons
225 Naima A.
224 Megan v. I am a woman who wants not just my own safety, but the safety of all women in this country to be prioritized and taken seriously.
223 Constant S. I am devastated by the continued abuse, sexual molestation and killing of our women and children. And I’m equally disgusted by our government’s lack of urgency to put measures in place to put an end to it. It’s reslly sad to see that the only thing that happens successfully is corruption and theft of taxpayers funds.
222 Sharoline S. I strongly believe in equal rights for men and women,and growing up as a young woman,it really pains my heart to see what other females have to go through at the hands of men.
221 Ntobeko M.
220 Francesca T. Women are not safe and are under constant attack
219 Jen S. It has to stop
218 Nomthandazo Zoi N. I am signing this, as a Rape Survivor & I'm really crying out for change to happen in the country, in Femicide & GBV
217 Ramasela G. Enough is enough, we deserve to be pro9
216 Chelsea J. I'm a South African women and im sick and tired of this bullshit of men getting away with it all day after day. It MUST stop.
215 Paballo M. I’m a woman who is tired of the injustice in this country
214 Zahrah E.
213 Megan P. I’m fed up of my reality as a South African woman.
212 Simone T. I am a South African woman fearing for my life.
211 Chandre J.
210 Zinhle L. To protect women and children. It's the least I can do as a 17 year old girl in South Africa, who is anxious about the future. I can't imagine myself with a husband because of the violence. I want things to change in the world that we live in. SO THAT WE CAN LIVE FREELY
209 Hlumelo N. I want GBV to end and i want the government to intervene by putting laws that will put an end to this brutal thing happening in our country
208 Inga A. I am signing because I am a victim of GBV and I want this government to be held accountable, how much longer can they turn a blind eye? Do we really have to go as far as saying wait until it happens to their mother, sister or daughter? No!
207 Jeanette D. No woman needs to go through this hell of being abused, raped and tortured by anyone!! We have the right also to live our lifes without fear!
206 Soffia C.
205 Bonisile K. I am against GBV
204 Murendiwa N. I want to have freedom
203 JONITA L. To end GBV
202 Ilhaam K. Because I live in constant fear in SA
201 Ndalo E. I am a South African women and this cause is personal to me.
200 Ruth V. We need change and we need to be heard and taken seriously... Enough is enough
199 Ashleigh P.
198 Miss KA T. I want to have the freedom to live like a man. Jog alone, hike alone, drive alone and go to the beach alone like the adult I am, instead of being labeled as "looking for trouble".
197 Tasmiyah W. Gender based violence is a major problem in our country and we need to do something about it NOW
196 Sibongile B. We are tired of living in fear because of people who think they can do as they please to us females.
195 Blessing K. I say no to gender based violence . I say no to violence
194 VELISWA M. I don't want to be next. This must stop
193 Kendra H. If we don't sign, no one will. We are forced to fight for ourselves.
192 Sihle N. I am a victim of GBV and nothing has been done. My case has been pending for a year now. Enough is enough.
191 Boitumelo L. I am tired and it's we put an end to Gender-Based Violence...!!!!!
190 Danika R. I want to see a world where all women feel safe.
189 Stacey-Lee E.
188 Farhaan B. Im tired of bullshit men treating woman like garbage. Woman should be celebrated!!
187 Tiara S. I am tired of women being violated
186 Michaela K. I believe in the fight against GBV
185 Boingotlo M. Enough is enough, there needs to be a change
184 Venesse B. I am a woman and I know these crimes against women and children are committed every day. I was a victim myself. And 8 want it to end nothing is done about it. We must live in fear!
183 Gugu d. I cannot stand seeing the senseless killing of women
182 Cat E. Women deserve better!!!
181 Tatem M. Gender Based Violence must end or the suffering will continue
180 Katlego M. I believe it’s time we speak up and make sure we are heard. Together we are powerful. It’s time we stand up for one another.
179 Lindsay T. I want the violence to stop. I want women & children to live in peace. I want women & children to be loved & respected.
178 Candice E. We need to end gbv
177 Kerry B. I am 100% against GBV and a survivor myself
176 Thersia P. Woman need to stand up for ourselves. We deserve to be treated fare and with dignity.
175 Vanessa L. I am against gender based violence .
174 Alungile M. I believe there needs to be chamge in South Africa
173 Ciandra D. I am a woman in South Africa
172 Sarette L. I am tired of being treated like nothing. STOP GBV!!!!!!!!!!!
171 Aaminah V. The women and children of South Africa deserve to be respected and to live without fear and all those that have been affected by GBV deserve justice
170 Onthatile L. It's a cause very close to my heart. I believe in women and I fight for them too. Enough is enough.
169 Thato M. South Africa needs to take a stand against GBV
168 Kayleigh Z.
167 Louise W. Justice must be served
166 Leatitia V. Am a mother,daughter, friend and i might be next
165 Akira P. I am a survivor and I want to see change for the women of this country
164 Jessica D. I am a woman and our safety is important.
163 Chantal M. I want to see change! I want every woman and child safe in a country so beautiful
162 Kiyana B. Enough is enough. Our women and children need to be protected !
161 Lizelle S. It is our right to feel safe wherever we go.
160 Angelique L. I am signing because what’s happening in our country is making me sick . I
159 Nolwazi S. I want change i want peace i want safety
158 Kerry B. The stats speak for themselves - something has to be done
157 Georgia S. The government needs to take a stand against GBV.
156 Norel M. I am a woman and I am my own boss
155 Nonkululeko J. I live in fear as a woman in South Africa.
154 Refiloe M. I am a young girl who fears for her future in South Africa. I want to put an end to GBV!
153 Jordi W. These pigs must die for what they do to females!
152 David M. Government action on this is needed NOW
151 Katherine E.
150 Michelle H.
149 Carla S. I am signing because I want to feel safe in my country. I no longer want to have to worry about my safety just because I was born a female. I want this country to be better for our future females cause without females this country cannot prosper!
148 Ezrah G.
147 Amy S. I will not be next
146 Cara T. We are every woman
145 Jada R. Enough is enough!!!!
144 Siandran N.
143 Chantal N. I am an abuse victim
142 Nicole V.
141 Sheena D. Enough is enough
140 Denique S. I want gbv to stop!!
139 cameron r.
138 Tayna C. GBV in SA needs to stop
137 Lucy G.
136 Palesa M. I am signing this because am a mother to a daughter, a sister, an auntie and a daughter to all those above a woman I know longer feel safe even when am just going the shop I ask myself will I be next or will my daughter be next
135 Georgina W.
134 Raquel P. I am signing because enough is enough! I want to feel safe and protected as a woman in this country
133 Pragashnee G. I want an end to abuse towards women and children. Government needs to do better to protect us.
132 Alex M. I have to
131 Palesa M. Every woman in me is TIRED!!
130 Kerry F. As a South African woman, I stand with my fellow sisters against GBV. I don’t want any more lives to be lost at the hands of GBV. Things need to change in South Africa and the government needs to prioritize eradicating GBV before more lives are lost. The statistics of GBV against women in South Africa sadden me greatly. I hope this petition helps the government to understand why this is important.
129 Andile M. I am a woman who is tired. A woman lives in the reality that her life is in danger by virtue of her just being a woman in South Africa. I am tired.
128 clarissa p.
127 coral O. I'm a woman, we all need to help
126 ABUL A. The rates if GBV in this country are alarming and action needs to be swift and prompt.
125 Attiya S. Enough is enough
124 Oladele O. I want to end GBV, help give women and children a sustainable future.
123 Zac R.
122 Courtney J. South African women MATTER
121 Ashley J. Disgusted with the level of violence against women
120 Carmen T. GBV seems to be the pandemic in South Africa. There is a war on women and children and it needs to stop.
119 Keitumetse M. I am an ally
118 Jessica D.
117 Tanya N. I want a safe South Africa for all women and children. Gbv is of epidemic proportions in our country.
116 Phumla F. I'm a full time feminist and support change
115 Boni T. I want women in SA to be safe. And for SA Government to help fight against GBV
114 Nicole M. I do not feel safe in this country
113 Kath H. Women and children are exhausted from constantly living in fear and thinking “Am I next?”
112 wonani m. gbv is a serious problem and pandemic in south africa
111 Michaela E. Enough is enough!!!
110 Maite L. I might be next
109 Tamryn G. I am tired of being afraid of being next
108 Anne B. Gbv is rampant in our beautiful country and we need action to stop it
107 Abi D. I’m sick of nothing being done
106 Shenita F. Us as woman do not deserve to be abuse or being brutally murdered
105 Aaliyah S. I want change. We're are scared to even be with family / friends because there's abusers, rapist etc walking around freely like nothing happened. We need this to stop!
104 Raeeqah M. I am signing because I want to see change. I want to see victims receive the justice they truly deserve, for kids to grow up in a safe, happy and GBV-free environment and for the justice system to prioritize protecting each and every life.
103 Nadja B. Action is required! SA needs to become more safe!
102 Zeenat N.
101 Catherine D. It’s about time that something is done. Women live in fear everyday.
100 Allegra M.
99 Lee-Ann H. I still fear going outside
98 Chiara O.
97 Yana L. I believe we need to protect our women, and I want to be part of the change.
96 Nokwanda M. I believe that we can make a change with this petition.
95 Ofentse P. I’m tired of living in a country in which I’m scared to go anywhere alone and I’m tired of seeing innocent women dying at the hands of men
94 Larnelle V. We need change
93 Nicola D.
92 Lulu V. We need to be united in this mission
91 Nalika O. I want a safer South Africa
90 Akani M. I live in Fear in My own Country
89 Hannah D. GBV needs to end. We are tied of living on fear.
88 Karina R.
87 Ghita T. I am signing because women deserve rights. The unfair and inhumane treatment of women stays blatantly ignored and unrecognized. There needs to be change.
86 Bianca P. I am signing because I'm a female citizen of South Africa, I, and I'm sure every other female in this country, are tired of fighting this fight, but we will not back down, we deserve to breathe without worrying how long we'll have that privilege for
85 charli p. i am signing because i want change and prevent innocent women and children from murder and trauma of rape like millions of women in south africa
84 Garth E. I’m sick and tired of how men disrespect, murder and abuse women.
83 Lynn W. GBV NEEDS to STOP
82 Mogale S.
81 Samantha K. I am against GBV and I believe not enough is being done to protect the women and children of this country.
80 Zayyaanah W.
79 Kathleen K.
78 Teboho M. I am a women living in South Africa and i want to feel safe and create a safe environment for future generations
77 Danielle C. Action must be taken
76 Wandi D. I am signing because we need change . It can't continue on like this
75 Lerato B. I am tired
74 Tshegofatso M. protection of the constitutional rights of women and children in South Africa.
73 Erin F. I am a South African woman who demands more from her government. I live every day in fear.
72 Gaynor D. I am signing... Not just because i am a survivor of GBV...but to be one of the many woman who wants to be heard and protected by oir justice system
71 James Q. Women’s rights are human rights. The severity of the situation requires drastic action on a level that requires government cooperation - even if that cooperation must be forced.
70 Tessa S. I really want to see a difference in South Africa. I used to live there and it’s terrifying seeing everything that’s happening from an outside perspective. Stay safe
69 Georgia J.
68 Jdkms J. Jejdjd
67 Tintswy B. Enough is enough
66 Gugu M. I need women in this country to feel safe.
65 Ariana J.
64 Catherine G. Enough is enough. South Africa’s women deserve better.
63 Laylaa E.
62 Megan M. Women are tired of being afraid
61 Henriette D. I fear for my safety as everyday I see more and more victims that has succumbed to gbv and I am wondering when will I be one of them.
60 Adrian G. GBV must end!
59 Nqobile N. Im tired of living in fear
58 Mesh H. We are tired of being scared.
57 Mushhooda H. Gbv needs to stop!
56 Lee Ann D. Change needs to happen
55 Janine H.
54 Kim F. I'm tired of being scared
53 Taryn P. Supporting the cause
52 Lezandrae C. I am supporting the cause in light of women for change
51 Cayleigh S. I am a woman
50 Grizelda G. Because am survivor of sex trafficking
49 Jody A. There is an epidemic in SA older than COVID and it's affecting our women. Our voices need to unite and say enough is enough!!
48 Ugeun F. I am a women, a mother, a daughter, a wife and I have rights
47 Pierre L. The women in our country deserve to be protected
46 cindy s.
45 Ronald G. I want to contribute to bringing an end to Femicide or atleast reduce it
44 Shanielle S. We need change!!! I’m saying NO to GBV. Our women and children need to be saved!
43 Friederike M. For the protection of our women and children
42 Sina W.
41 Kell v. Men needs to be held responsible for their actions
40 Wasim A. There need to be more protection for our woman…lengthier jail sentence/harsher punishments.
39 Bianca C. We women should be protected and not targeted. I do not want my daughter to live in fear
38 Nikita S. I myself was once abused and it's something any woman should go through
37 Stephany D.
36 Danielle T. Every woman and man knows another woman who’s been a victim
35 Dominique o. I want justice for all the fallen angels,that was and is being abused,murdered, raped!!!!
34 Kelly N. I am with Women Of Change and Demand Change.
33 Anna I. I am a GBV survivor and enough is enough!
32 Jodine N. Stop GBV
31 Nonny M. I want ramaphosa out
30 Lerato L. Had enough about GBV
29 Niel M.
28 Karabo M. Supporting
27 Amina D. We deserve peace, we deserve safety. It shouldn't be a privilege. To those that passed away they deserve justice as well!!!
25 Ntsiki M. Enough is enough. Protect the women and children of South Africa
24 Shelley B. I am a victim of GBV
23 Tamara K.
22 V M. I am a woman. It's scary to think that I have a greater risk of dying because I am a woman than anything else.
21 Charicke C. I am signing because our women needs to know that we are protected and heard.
20 Kutlwano M. We need change, we need to save our women and children our women and children deserve respect
19 Phila-Nathi M.
18 Emily D. Sexual and gender-based violence needs to stop.
17 Sol E. Change is long overdue
16 Marita V.
15 Melene R. Actions speaks louder than Words! The lives of women and children should be protected and respected
14 Leni U. I never want to attend another funeral of a 7 year old girl who died in the most gruesome way.
13 Salaamah A. We need and demand change !!
12 Sabrina W. It's overdue that something is changing!
11 Ashleigh K. We cannot ignore GBV anymore
10 Nadine C. Stop GBV
9 astrolita p. stop the abuse agianst women and children
8 Gadijah K.
7 Mishkah S. We demand change
6 Lindsay O.
5 Alicia A. I want SA law to be more strict with GBV. Things needs to change!
4 Ziggy A. We demand change
3 Caldine W. Women are TIRED of being overlooked. We deserve to live in peace and not in fear.
2 Monique M. I am a survivor..
1 Kovini M. It needs to change