We are so happy to announce the beautiful Activist, Founder of Women Lead Movement and Human Rights Lawyer Melene Rossouw as our Women For Change Ambassador.

Melene is an internationally recognised gender and human rights activist, global public speaker, moderator, facilitator, strategist and change driver.

Some of her accolades include being selected by the prestigious Obama Foundation as an Obama Leader in Africa and a contributor for the Future Africa Forum in the area of Governance and Human Rights in Africa.

In 2019,  Melene was selected as one of 11 Spokeswomen in Africa for the Global Campaign on Gender Equality by the US based ONE Global Campaign. She was also selected as a Mandela Washington Fellow by the US Department of State as well as Goodwill Ambassador for the World Youth Summit for Peace by the International Human Rights Commission.

Melene’s story is part of the Yours in Power documentary series, which was launched on the 31st October 2019.

Melene Rossouw is on the frontlines of the fight for gender equality. She spearheads justice-driven activist work, leads grassroots organizations, and writes open letters to world leaders. But there is a letter she has yet to write – a letter to her younger self, until now. Journey into the change making world of Melene Rossouw, as she reads a letter to her younger self that unveils the inspiration behind her activism, counsels through insurmountable challenges, and reveals the power she will soon discover to create a more equal and just world for everyone.

ABOUT YOURS IN POWER — ONE’s new short film series offers a deeper look into the lives of incredible activists across the African continent. From South Africa to Benin to Nigeria, these powerful women use their voices to spark movements, push groundbreaking policies and challenge world leaders to create a world free of gender inequality and extreme poverty. Yours in Power elevates their perspectives from the frontlines of the fight for gender equality, and their stories will reveal why your voice is your greatest power.

Credits Film:

Writers: Melene Rossouw, Dr. Joannie Marlene Bewa, Wadi Ben-Hirki
Directors/ Producers: Jacqui-Lee Katz & Aliki Saragas-Georgiou
Executive Producer: Ryan Donovan Directors of Photography: Rick Joaquim & Morne Pelser
Sound Recordist: Aaron Lekaba
Editors: Ryan Donovan, Aliki Saragas-Georgiou, Ashika Sato
Online & Grade: Taryn Calverey
Sound Mix : Guy Steer
Produced in Association with Elafos Productions