Sivenathi Toto, 23, was brutally attacked and left to die, in an alleged revenge attack, on 26 August 2022 in Lawaaikamp, George.

It is alleged that Sivenathi was attacked by her boyfriend’s rival, who, when he lost a fight, went and broke into the boyfriend’s home and found Sivenathi sleeping. He allegedly started assaulting Sivenathi. Then he dragged her to his place while continuously beating her. Once Sivenathi was unconscious, he dragged her in a bakkie to dump her body at the dumping site behind the garage. A petrol attendant discovered Sivenathi.

The severe injuries led to a stroke, loss of speech, and Sivenathi is now wheelchair-bounded.

In December 2022, Sivenathi had a stroke. In April 2023, she was again admitted to the hospital, where blood clots were found on her brain. On 3 May 2023, Sivenathi was discharged and declared brain-damaged by her doctor.

The suspect, Shaun Madonono, 23, was released on bail of R2500 after his arrest on 27 August 2022. Shaun is facing charges of assault with the intent to commit grievous bodily harm, kidnapping and housebreaking. He allegedly lives in the same street as Sivenathi.

The state is once again failing our sisters!

Sivenathi has never received any occupational therapy, counselling, speech therapy, or physiotherapy from the Department of Social Development. This is essential not only for her well-being but also for her to get the right medical reports to support her case in court.


We want to see the suspect, Shaun Madonono, behind bars! His charges should include attempted murder, and he should have never been released on bail.

We demand the arrest of Shaun Madonono and essential support from the state for Sivenathi and her family!

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