We have interviewed beautiful actress, poet, writer and Women For Change Ambassador Veronique Jepthas.  Veronique is passionate about being an agent for change, particularly in the fight against Gender Based Violence.

What does it mean to be a woman?

To be a woman means to be a goddess. A being so powerful that you breathe life into whatever walks on this earth. Being a woman means power. It means light.  It means being the beginning and the end. The giver of life.

Why did you become a Women For Change Ambassador?

Why not? It is really simple. To be part of the change, actively change and join the change.

What changes would you like to see happen in South Africa?

I would love to see men want to be different and better, as a collective. The weight doesn’t lie on women to be better, dress better or try and explain themselves, but with men who has to actively change their attitude towards women and toxic men and better society, by raising better men, one boy at a time.

Why is it important for the public to come out and support our movement?

It is incredibly important for the public to support this movement, because if we do not move together, we do not move at all.

How has gender-based violence affected you?

It has changed my view on many things. Life, for that matter. It has made me more aware of the dangers of a very manipulative person. It  has shown me that no matter how precious we as women are, no matter how much we know our value, others will still use us to “confirm” their sense of masculinity and force their power over us, in a very cowardly way, too.