Krugersdorp Attack – Fundraising Appeal for Victims

The Krugersdorp Gang Rape attack

On 28th July 2022, a film crew of 20 people were attacked while shooting a music video at a mining dump in Krugersdorp, South Africa. The perpetrators were a group of around 60 armed men wearing blankets and balaclavas.

Eight women between the ages of 19 and 35, who belonged to the film crew, were brutally gang raped by several men during the horrific attack. Most of the other crew members, including men, were held hostage for several hours, stripped naked, beaten and robbed of their belongings, including clothes, cellphones, rings, IDs, watches, cash and film equipment with an estimated value of R1.5 million.

The Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences unit investigates 32 counts of rape and multiple counts of armed robbery. During the days following the incident, more than 350 suspects were arrested by the SAPS, with the majority of the suspects charged with illegal immigration. 14 suspects were identified by victims and have been positively linked to the rapes.

The Aftermath for the Victims

Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, personally visited the victims and their families and confirmed that he had contacted the Presidency and the Minister of Social Development to ensure that the victims received the necessary support.

Bheki Cele stated that his department and the MEC for Community Safety, Faith Mazibuko, would ensure that the victims were supported emotionally. Yet, the government has failed to deliver on their promise of mental health care. As a result, the victims have not received regular counselling or other emotional support.

In addition, Bheki Cele confirmed during a media briefing that the names and addresses of the victims had been leaked on social media. As a result, four of the rape victims had to be relocated to a place of safety on 6th August 2022. They have been placed far away from their family and friends and can not attend school or work, which means they cannot earn an income to support themselves or their families. This adds further devastation to a desperately difficult situation that requires the support of loved ones and the familiarity of home.

How could this happen?

The Krugersdorp attack sent shockwaves across the country.

The horrific incident dominated the headlines and became another ‘top story’ and trending hashtag. Meanwhile, despite the outrage sparked by the attack, these victims, like countless others, have been left traumatised and without much-needed emotional support.

Our justice system continues to fail victims of sexual assault. South Africa is a country at war with its women. It has one of the highest rates of sexual violence in the world. Gender-based violence, femicide and murder continue to skyrocket. The latest crime statistics show that 855 women were murdered between April and June 2022, while 9,516 cases of rape were reported to police in the same period.

The authorities put in place to protect us, prevent crime and provide care in the aftermath of violence are simply incapable of performing these tasks.

We Need Your Help

Women For Change has been in touch with the victims personally to ensure they get the support our leaders are unwilling to provide.

Advocate Brenda Madumise-Pajibo from Wise4Afrika is offering her services as a legal representative and will fight so that justice will hopefully be served. We, Women For Change, are able to arrange counselling sessions for the victims and will continue to help them access these services.

While some of the stolen items were recovered by the police, they have not been returned to the victims. We’re calling for the public to help us support them for the next three months and donate towards repurchasing stolen equipment.

Our Donation Goals:

For ongoing financial support for three months: R400,000.00

Towards the purchase of film equipment: R1.5 Million

Please help us to help them. We will not give up on them!