“Freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression.”
~ Nelson Mandela

Rape Crisis

Established in 1976, Rape Crisis is the most experienced organisation in South Africa working in the area of adult rape and sexual violence. Rape Crisis’s roots are as a volunteer run feminist women’s collective, but they were compelled by the changing fundraising climate of the early 1990s to develop into a professionally staffed organisation. They obtained NPO registration in 1997 and maintained their focus on the empowerment of women. They have a national reputation for unique and innovative best practices models and their work consists of a range of projects that include direct services to survivors of rape and sexual violence, popular education and advocacy as essential components of a well-developed theory of change.

Rape Crisis’s relationship with government, particularly at the provincial level, is collaborative (they share spaces at courts and health facilities with government service providers) but also challenging because they observe that government does not always serve the best interests of rape survivors. Rape Crisis close connection with the communities for social mobilisation and their strong network of partners in civil society gives them support for lobbying influential role players at both the national and provincial levels of government.

With the support of the communities they serve, their partners, and by utilising well researched information, they develop strategies to address flaws in the criminal justice system in order to ensure better support for complainants. Rape Crisis offices in Khayelitsha, Athlone and Observatory reflect the diverse demographics of the clients and communities they serve.


24-hour Helpline by Rape Crisis: 021 447 9762


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TEARS Foundation

Tears Foundation provides access to crisis intervention, advocacy, counselling, and prevention education services for those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse.  Confidential services are provided to all victims at no charge.

About TEARS Foundation

TEARS Foundation, founded in 2012, is a registered NPO and PBO who uses technology innovatively to assist victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.

Last year, with the help of Avon, They received 31 286 hits on their service from people using *134*7355# to get assistance.

They launched their Help At Your Fingertips emergency service, supported by Namola, on the 24th of November 2017, a new mobile smartphone application that allows the user to alert their nearest police officers when in need of assistance. This partnership will allow the user to opt to have a trained counselor call him/ her back for immediate assistance in a life-threatening situations.

Help at your fingertips!

Helpline – DIAL: *134*7355#


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The Safe House 

The Safe House is driven by a single goal; to do their part in making the world a better place for all. They strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all their pursuits. They break the silence on abuse by empowering Survivors and Supporting Communities by Providing Abused Women and Children with a safe place to heal, rebuild and reconnect.

The Safe House offers:

– Offering temporary safe care facilities to abused women and children
– Providing a Sexual Assault Referral Centre
– Providing all aspects of Professional Care, including Counselling, Therapy and Psychological Support.
– Educating Survivors about their Rights
– Facilitating Skills Development Programmes to Alleviate Poverty
– Monitoring effective Aftercare within their Communities


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