We are the women, we have been waiting for!

Melene Rossouw

Founder Women Lead Movement | Human Rights Lawyer

Melene is an internationally recognised gender and human rights activist, global public speaker, strategist and changer driver. Some of her accolades include being selected as an Obama Leader.

Ntsiki Mazwai

Poet | Artist | Musician

A multi faceted spirit on a mission to change the world. I live from my heART. I use words and the stage to heal. My truth is brutal. I see me in every woman.


Bulelwa Adonis

Poet | Writer

Bulelwa is an activist, poet, writer and student, who is passionate to end GBVF. She is the spokesperson of Women For Change, and a content producer for our blog.

Amelia Beattie

CEO Liberty Two Degrees

Wife of an active sports lover, mom of 3 girls, loves running and is passionate about making a difference to the retail shopping centre industry in SA.


Veronique Jephtas

Actress | Poet

Veronique Jephtas, born in Paarl, is an actress, poet, writer, director and activist for GBV. Veronique works with various NPO’s to bring awareness around womxn’s issues. She’s a rebel and an apple who doesn’t fall anywhere close to the tree.


Zaylia Vivienne

Student | Activist

Zaylia is studying theology, psychology and Women & Gender studies. She is very passionate about aiding women in knowing their worth and knowing that how valued we truly are to be a woman.


Mara Glennie

Founder TEARS Foundation

Being a successful business woman after going through a personal trauma, Mara founded one of the largest Anti-GBV Non-Profit Organisation named TEARS Foundation.


Jenna Clifford

World-renowned Jewellery Designer

Jenna is a world-renowned jewellery designer, known for her unique customised creations. In particular, Jenna is outspoken on the issue of women’s rights and received the honour of torchbearer to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals 3 project.


Ashleigh v. d. Hoven

Actress | Life Coach

Ashleigh’s purpose in life is to awaken reverence in others and help people heal through story-telling. She is passionate about Women’s Rights because she believes the world has forgotten the sacredness of the feminine and that if this is restored to equality, the world would be a better place for everyone – women, children and men alike.


LeAnne Dlamini

Singer | Entrepreneur

LeAnne Dlamini is a South African singer, songwriter and Entrepreneur. She is the Founder of End Girl Hate.


Mojabeng Senekal-Ndebele

Model | Actress

Mojabeng is currently a student in Masters in Public Health, a member of the Young African Leaders Initiative and ACTIVATE Change Drivers programs.


Enolicia Strever

Mrs SA 1st Princess | IT Specialist

“My passion for running started at a very young age, as it allowed me to escape from all the negativity and abuse at home.” It’s in my heart to serve and to encourage others to focus on the positive aspects of life to achieve success.


Marlene du Pisani

COO Jenna Clifford | Mother

Sheena D

Actress | Blogger

Mia Du Toit


Mia is 22 years old and currently finishing her Accounting degree at Stellenbosch University. She also blogs for an international online community called Girls Globe about gender equality and women’s rights specifically in South Africa.


Kovini Moodley

Founder Boss Babes SA

As an influencer based in Sandton, Kovini is very passionate about uplifting and empowering women. She is the founder of Boss Babes South Africa.


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